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for As the Raven Flies

1/22/2006 c1 6FXRG
Hello, this is Demon-of-Nirvana from devART ^^.

First off...I LOVE your vocabulary and grammar. I wish I could be that fluent with words someday.

Secondly, the details are lovely - not too much, not too few, but enough (for me, at least). It's nice to read a story from the Fantasy section once in a while (Fantasy has fallen out a bit with me sometime ago) that actually feels like a fantasy story.

And last of all, I like the prologue, if only because it's from the character's point of view while his name remains anonymous, which makes the whole atmosphere of the story so mysterious yet honest, AND because it's, well...it's dramatic. Good start.

Ooh, I like the summary, too.

I look forward to the next chapters. Keep up the great work. :-]

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