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4/5/2002 c1 1alex4
very good.

9/21/2001 c1 BehrBeMine
It's a very telling poem on a subject I don't think is taken seriously enough. Very nice work.
6/19/2001 c1 PrincessSkywalkerOrgana
*the room fills with applause.* I am glad you took the time to write this. Maybe this will make someone think.

Can I make this into an e-mail forward and get it to more people? My e-mail is in my profile, if you could take the moment to give me permission, maybe lives could be saved.
6/16/2001 c1 egbkid
This is a really sad poem. I really like it a lot.
6/3/2001 c1 a fan
Wonderful sad piece that truly reveals what is lost when a life is taken too soon. Beautiful job.
5/23/2001 c1 Sing11685
Very moving...work on your grammar!
4/28/2001 c1 4TubaPrincess
Wow, that was beutiful...and very sad. :)
3/22/2001 c1 7Bria
Wonderful LadyCallie. As the child of an alcoholic, I always worry that my father could end up killing someone. Because of my dad, I have pledged to myself to never drink. ~*~Bria
2/14/2001 c1 MataraHealbo
Touching. It reminds me of my sister. She wasn't killed by a drunk driver but she did die in a car accident. Those feelings are things that my family goes through whenever something new comes along. You never know how much you love someone until they are no longer there.
2/14/2001 c1 SharasKemet
wow, this is powerful. thanks for sharing

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