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8/29/2009 c15 Anonymous
In your first chapter Shoe and Luka met at age 8 not age 7?
8/19/2009 c19 2akaCHEEKS
i honestly love the pace of the story. and let me just say that natalie is really creepy. hey, i have a cousin named natalie and she rubs me in the wrong way that this natalie does too. what a coincidence. i think i am forever wary about people who are named natalie now. and about wolf. that girl really is very suspicious. but then again, it just might be his sister? yeah?
8/3/2009 c19 Delano
Personally, I found pride and prejudice and zombies a bit eh, even though I was absolutely psyched to read it. There are, however, lots of zombies. :D

Speaking of psyched, I'd been dropping in on your story intermittently, and I was absolutely delighted to see Wolfgang's last name.

Wow, I thought to myself. That's totally my name.

And then, glancing through author notes, it hit me.


I am so honored. :) belatedly.

Your writing is still fresh and funny, your characters charismatic and multi-faceted, and the plot interesting. Hope you keep updating, I can't wait to read more.
8/2/2009 c10 4AOK
So, um, I couldn't help noticing that in this chapter, Luka feeds the cat twice in the same go. After it wakes him up from that interesting dream, I mean. The part reads, "He gets up and feeds the cat and then wanders around more in the kitchen, knowing he won’t get back to sleep after a dream like that. He browses through the contents of the fridge, finding, to his amusement, several unopened things he bought together with Shoe when her mother came. Then he takes out the cat food and feeds the cat." So he does it twice, apparently. Was this intentional? Like, Luka gets up TO feed the cat, and maybe he gets distracted wandering around the kitchen or something, and then goes to feed the cat finally. I don't know.

That aside, I have to say I'm really enjoying this. I found it through the SKOW web site. It's really different from other romance stories I've read, very original and down-to-earth. I love that. And I love, love, love the name Luka. It seems to fit, somehow. :) Also, the humor I find in this guarantees I end up smiling at least once a chapter, despite whatever circumstances; Luka and Shoe are just so dry and witty in each other's company. It's glorious.

Now please excuse me while I go and read the rest, haha. I had to catch the cat-feeding snag while I was thinking about it, rather than move on and forget it. Everything that came after it was just everything I was going to say when I got to the end of the current updates. :) I'm very glad to be reading this.
8/2/2009 c8 2blueskywillow
Ok so I'm reading this chapter and its taking me an hour because my battery keeps dying cus my adapter is broke then I read ur a/n and thats what has happened to u writing it. Its one of those freaky moments in life that i just had 2 tell u about it lol
7/29/2009 c3 namegame
I just started reading this, and it's fantastic so far. Thanks for posting it!
7/28/2009 c19 2Nighttime Blues
I love love LOVE this story. I have just re-discovered it and I'm so glad I have.

Also, I really want to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Tell me if it's good?
7/27/2009 c19 Rosmarina
I really enjoy your writing. The stolen sunset from the airplane window imagery was so lovely and used to nice effect. Looking forward to reading more!
7/23/2009 c19 2chapsticklips
Yay! I was so excited when I got an email saying the story had been updated (although it's taken me days to re-read the last few chapters as I've had to work) but oh no, I see trouble in paradise, and definately a first couple fight! Ep! I so can't wait for the next chapter. Luka and Shoe are so adorable, if I knew them I would just want to third-wheel them all the time..
7/22/2009 c19 lbbabey
Fantastic new chapter. I really enjoyed it and I especially enjoyed your comment in your author's notes about "problematizing" relationships. I think the two different approaches offered by romance novels and shoujo manga or writings of a similar nature allow for people to get at different aspects of relationship. It's been a while since I've started reading but I feel like the way you've addressed the issue of friendship turning into something more really straddles the border of fantastical romance and hard cold reality. With many romance pieces, it's easy for the romantic relationship to in some ways overshadow the people who are involved in it. If the romantic relationship doesn't work then the whole story can lose its appeal.

Personally, I feel that even if Luka and Shoe don't work out than that this story will still hold up. I honestly hope that that doesn't happen.. but yeah...

Also, the pacing of the plot does seem kind of off. The slow paced interludes usually go together well with the moderate pace of the main storyline. In this chapter, however, the contrast between the two is almost jarring. It isn't necessarily a bad thing because it indicates that something major is going to happen. I feel like the pacing in some respects reflects the complex natures of the characters: contemplative, forthright, and a bit collegiate. It seems like the last few chapters have started from somewhere else if you know what I mean. I think an easy way to place the story back on track is to just pick up from where Shoe's thoughts trailed off in this chapter.

Have fun with the next chapter. I'm sure it'll be a shocker.
7/22/2009 c19 Stuck in Silver
Great story! Shoe's adorable.
7/22/2009 c19 Tsed
reread your story yet again:)and i had to control myself be4 I choked on my laughter when Shoe went,"baise-moi" hihi ignorance is bliss...pls pls pretty pls update soon
7/21/2009 c19 1noriepie
so depressing,

especially after my own depressing morning.

can u make the next chapter more cheery?
7/21/2009 c19 Mooony
URGH I so hate Gnat now! and so to wolf, he should just talk it out DX

Thnkx for the chapter! ^_^
7/21/2009 c19 1tour d'ivoire
Oh, every time you update, my heart sings. I can honestly say that your story is the only story that I've read that leaves me truly happy at the end of every chapter, regardless of the ending. That sounds weird, but just thinking about Shoe and Luke (SHOE AND LUKA) makes me smile. I love the relationships in this story, and how they're evolving seems so real, but not at the same time. And that's the best part.

Ah, amazing.
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