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7/21/2009 c19 5vocecara
No! What happened? Please please update quickly don't keep me/us all in suspense! I feel terrible for Stan, maybe because I'm just as insecure as she is (even if I'm so pathetic I've never dated) and if my boyfriend said that to me... Haha. I'm surprised she hasn't cried yet. And that Shoe hasn't, for that matter.

Please update soon!
7/20/2009 c19 Szeto
my jaw dropped when i saw that this story was updated. yay! i am definitely excited for this newest installment. i hope you continue to update regularly and often!

as for the quality of the work, i do feel that it has gotten a little worse. the prose didn't flow quite right and dialogue did feel a bit stilted. maybe it's because right now, this chapter was mostly about conflict, but i did feel like before, the writing was smoother (although it may have been because it's easier to write about cute couples).

i appreciate the conflict.

7/20/2009 c19 24fairies and snapple
Aw, I so so love this story. I love Shoe's voice, like, the way she narrates, but I also really really like the third-person chapters. And my absolute favorite character is Stan. I hope the mess with her and Wolf gets all nicely cleared up. Please update soon!
7/20/2009 c19 3Jestry
Oh man. That was a pretty depressing chapter.

But umm, yeah, it's okay. Because it was a very well-written GOOD depressing chapter.

Man, so much drama. I don't think you made a mistake by writing about what happens to the relationship AFTER they get together. It's really interested and complicated, and I think it's actually a lot HARDER to write than the "romance novel" version. Props for taking up that challenge though.

Dude. Haha, this story is super amazing. I like how your chapters are so long. They really ARE chapters instead of just periodic time-based updates to get more reviews.

That being said though. I hope you update soon. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

♥ Jestry
7/20/2009 c19 15thenifoundfivedollars
I absolutely love this story! I'll keep rooting for Luka and Shoe, wondering what the heck Wolf is up to, and cast a vote for your story when SKoW voting is up.
7/20/2009 c19 3the weather forecast
YAY, YOU FINALLY UPDATED! You made my day :)
7/20/2009 c19 1greyes
I'm reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies right now, and I love it. I mean, it's Elizabeth Bennett battling zombies while falling for Darcy. Hilarious and inventive stuff.

Oh, and I liked this chapter as a wonderfully written, dramatic plot point, but since I'm a happy ending person I just want them all to be lovey-dovey again...
7/20/2009 c19 7Krissy029
ahh, you're back! I'm so happy for more adventures in the land of Luka and Shoe! I know in order to have a captivating story you must have rising action and a conflict and it's driving me nuts to see Luka and Shoe go through even more conflict. You just have me attached to them I guess. As for what you could improve for the pacing of the story, I'm unsure of what you could do.

Anyways, yays for you for graduating!

take care
7/20/2009 c19 SoulSam
oh man azuma is such a bad first experience to have, that's really tough at sixteen.

anyways, i loved this chapter, i really missed this story, so great to have a new update, when i saw it in my inbox, i seriously gave a little excited jump. :)

gnat is such a sad loser stalker, really needs to get over it and get herself a life. she's getting on my nerves...well, she was already on my nerves, but now she's really pushing it.

i hope whatever is going on with wolf gets resolved...misunderstandings are really a big killer.

i completely agree with you about things after the 'happily ever after' part of a relationship being more interesting. it's not realistic for everything to be totally copasetic after a couple gets together, there's going to be ups and downs and i for one think it makes for an amazing read. so, more soon please?
7/20/2009 c19 31Hopelessly Cliche
What on earth is Wolf up to? Trouble in paradise for Luka and Shoe? I agree, I do like seeing the ups and downs of relationships once the two people get together. Much more gory and interesting! Will be waiting (not so) patiently for the next chapter! =D


7/20/2009 c19 3aku-md
Nice chapter :D I feel for Shoe! I'm beginning to hate Gnat more and more. Is she really some psycho stalker? Creepy...

Once again, good work! Keep it up! Until the next chap :D
7/6/2009 c18 1lili3123
Awesome story! I cant wait for the next chapter ^_^
6/22/2009 c18 silviaxvivalavida
ja sorry forgot to mention, keep writing please.
6/22/2009 c1 silviaxvivalavida
At first the tittle set me off & was like shoe? really? But when i saw why it was named that i felt like mush. This story was wonderful. I LOVED how Shoe got the guts to tell Luka how she felt, even though my heart stopped with what he said. Your story made me sad, happy & everthing in between. It also made me laugh at times. This is a really sweet story that i loved , it's unlike anyother "best friends" cliches .
6/8/2009 c6 ree.4.jasp
wolf-gang and stan sound like the sweetest lovelyest potential couple ever written. and personally i think that wolf0gang is an awesome wacky name that only the coolest person could pull off. kudos
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