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9/29/2007 c1 20Twilight Starr
Good story.

It has potential.

Good luck with writing and this story.

Have a wonderful day. :)

~Twilight Starr~
4/10/2007 c1 kris bartolome
nice work. appealing to the emotions, it speaks volumes. i don't know if the person speaking is a lover, relative, or friend, but it kind of reminds me of shakespeare's romeo and juliet..
1/30/2006 c1 Hail the Warrior
Interesting. I'm still trying to figure out some stuff.

1/26/2006 c1 3DeliciouslyAngelus
OO.. I'm stunned beyond words haha! Its f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c! This is one of the fictions where no matter how many thoughts float across your mind,the mind that strikes you the most is:"Hey, this person has STYLE"

So keep it up! Write longer ficts and I bet it'd be real darn good! Not to mention popular too haha ^^

Cheers!Evangeline =)
1/25/2006 c1 Tanith

A fantastic short piece... it really touched me. You illustrate loss and bitterness so well. A true gem. Well done :)
1/24/2006 c1 4somethingsup
Ha ha I can relate, I hate crying, too. It's interesting how you have this in like a writen style. Like the character's writing about it.
1/24/2006 c1 foodaddict

...still speechless. Wasn't expecting something like this, but nice work. :D
1/23/2006 c1 The Full Neko Alchemist
I liked the running theme you had on destiny. The speaker was obviously bitter, and I think one could tell that they had lost someone close to them. A lover, friend or family member, perhaps? I'm glad you underlined their bitterness at what happened. Loss can do that to a person.

It's also nice to see good grammar and spelling.

A review of my fic, Axis Tilt, would be much appreciated since I just started here ^^.
1/23/2006 c1 14reality-forsaken
That's so good that I'm about to cry...is this like a one time thing,because if it isn't could you please please write more

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