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5/13/2006 c14 3shuushuu

spencer and maddie are just like so cute together that it is so cute.

HAHAHA! spence kinda reminds me of jordan the way that he tries to act all cool and stuff! so NOT COOL but that can be forgiven by the fact that he is so hott! u so gotta agree with me here even tho certain people dont! LOL!

I i told u i wud review wen i had the chance...actually at this precise moment in time i really shud be doing a paper to see wat i do no in chemistry...NOT MUCH! maybe i shud switch my fone off...and the computer...2 very distracting things

anyway back to the story...hehehehe the line 'Hm, just about. You might not win Miss World this year though’ made me laugh...so u see that u are funny...u dont even have to try.

the last bit was well sweet too. like the fact that spence is helping maddie get over kyles accident...even tho kyle is not dead or anything like that.

I HATE CHEMISTRY PRACTICAL! im gonna mess up this retake seeing as last time i spilt hydrochloric acid everywhere and got marked down for that. GR! so not my fault that im a klutz!

i can imagine wat u wud say to me so coz of that my reply is SHUT UP! UR A KLUTZ!

how am i meant to no how to do a frickin plan?

aggh already freaking and the exams still 5 days away!

have u noticed that in this review theres like loadsa ... and ! im a bit weird man!

O see ya tonight girlie...we will have a chow-down!


4/27/2006 c14 free-to-dream15
Hey, I'm reading this aren't I? LOL! and i love it to! Very nice chapter! Glad that spencer pulled through and looks a lot better cause he seems better and yeah. So, could kyle somehow be channeling the dreams to maddie? update SOON
4/2/2006 c13 free-to-dream15
lol don't turn your characters gay! and this was a good chapter! I felt SO bad for Spencer! Hey, who's will again? it's late so it's probably really dumb of me to ask but I can't remember. update SON!
4/2/2006 c13 dorydafish
no gayness?

well thats just too bad...

i guess that i will just have to put some gayness in my story then...hm.LOL!

me thinks i like spencer and maddie and they have so got to get together in the end otherwise i will have to kill u with my crutches. there is a whole queue of ppl that want to use them already so i doubt that u will even be able to steal them woman! hehehe!

my theory is that spencer was like so close to death that he was unconcious like kyle and thats why he saw him. am i right? i wanna no wat happened there and aww he called maddie? that is just too cute. LOL!

but wat is weird is that wen i was unconcious after my slight mishap with my knee and stuff all i saw were weird green patterns - but maybe that was just the morphine they gave me. hahahahaha! i got doped by doctors. imagine if that happens wen we are on holiday - ur going to have to put my knee back into place. eew that was the worst pain ever!

okay me is talking crap again, just like wen they gave me that gas stuff so um conclusion:-

loved this chapter and hope u update so more coz the drama is really like beginning to start. and dont beat up spencer anymore coz i love him the most. hehehe!

3/29/2006 c12 free-to-dream15
tis ok cause I LOVE spence shower scenes...lol so put as many as you want in there! AWW this was so sad! I would have totally been in tears if I saw anyone i cared about getting beat up and I couldnt do anything about it! OH is kyle coming back to life? is that why they ran? update SOON
3/28/2006 c12 shuushuu

me likes happy stories - LOL!

thers a gayness kinda of thing going on here in this chapter - specer going to the shower and kyle wondering if he shud go in. I no he didnt go in but that is so not the point. LOL!

but hello i cant believe that u got spencer beaten up! why would you do that huh? why?

spencer is like the best character in the whole story and u are like making him hurt physically and mentally. no good! LOL! gosh im werd.

i still feel sorry for him tho coz hes so sad. LOL!

I THINK THAT IF SPNCER WAS REAL HE WOULD LIKE SO BE FIT! make him get togther with kyle or maybe even maddie. either way its all good. hahah!

but hello the ending was just so cool. i love the way that they all just saw kyle and like started to piss themselves. that was just too funny. it was kinda a cliffhanger at the end tho. i mean spencer nos that he is there but will he be able to interact with him in anyway.

hmm...he aint a ghost coz hes not dead but he aint all there so hes probly having like one of those out of body experiences - weird!

but seriously loved this chapter and i cant wait to read more girlie (wow i use girlie so much now)

c ya man

3/27/2006 c12 20Wesley Kelly
Poor spencer. Another very good chapter. Update soon because I need to know what happens.
3/24/2006 c11 Wesley Kelly
Good story so far. I think you need to introduce the characters a little bit more slowly or give them more of a purpose. We were over-loaded with characters this chapter. Otherwise, good story. Also, I do like the long chapters better than short ones. It helps pull people into the story a little better. Hope to get another update soon.And usually, I wouldn't say anything like this, but for anyone reading this review, my pen name is Wesley Kelly and I have a few stories that I would love you to go and read and, if it pleases you, review. I usually try to read the stories of those that review me and review back, not so much poetry though.Peace!
3/24/2006 c11 dorydafish
make everyone gay!

LOL! that wud b like so funny that i'd like laugh my head off. JOKING! sorry in a weird mood again.

Loved this chapter - i think its the best one so far - i like madison now - i didnt like her so much before this chapter but i still like spencer the best if that makes sense.

Ellis sounds nice tho - if spencer and maddie dont end up together put ellis and maddie together or put ellis and spencer togther (HEHEHE) OR EVEN PUT KYLE AND SPENCER TOGETHER! hahhaha stop reading this review.

Jenna sounds like a right b*.she is just so evil. and she must be such a coward if in the flashback she was like my cuz is in the sixth form.

sounds there is going to be a whole buncha drama thats gonna be in the next few chapters.

good to see that you have introduced a whole bunch more characters.

is this review getting long by any chance...

okay im going to stop now. LOL!

see ya round

3/23/2006 c11 free-to-dream15
DUDE THIS STORY IS SO SAD! GR lol but it is awesome! which is why I read it! yay! update SON or i might have to go on a strike for my updates lol
3/23/2006 c1 9crazy-and-lazy
lol this is awsome, p.s. thanx 4 the review on my stories! :Dyour really good at explaining thingsgood work
3/22/2006 c3 Wesley Kelly
It's very good up to now. The chapters are a little short, but that's not too bad. I like how half of each chapter is what is happening and half is what happened. I'd read more, but I have a school function to go to. Keep writing and updating.
3/22/2006 c10 dorydafish

this chapter was amazing...

every is so sad in this chapter...i feel so sorry for spencer. he was right there wen it happeneed. the poor guys is having nightmares...nice to no that his mum was there for him tho.

are theo and haanah the rents?

anyway i hope u update soon...

see ya 2moz


3/20/2006 c10 free-to-dream15
ha ha ha ha ha you owe us a long chapter! grr lol I liked this one though! so update SOON!
3/18/2006 c9 free-to-dream15
HEy!you finally updated! me to! lol Aww this was sad. I would think it would be so weird to come back after that! lol update SOON!
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