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7/4/2012 c13 Guest
People um... When was the last update great story but if she hasn't updated for 5 years or something I think because I'm confused with the dating but still great story I want Rosie and Nate to be together !
5/28/2008 c13 Pink and Black Sharpies
I really have enjoyed this new twist, also i prefer dale to nate.

PLease update son!

7/17/2007 c13 TheGreenPrincess
review review review. OR ELSE I WONT LOVE YOU NO MORE!
7/6/2007 c13 1Bipolarised
ok, i just read your story in a grand total of two days, ok?

my feedback:


i really like your style of writing and everything, you're really good. i really like the twists and turns in it, and i like dale. i think hes cute.

so, without further ado, i hope my review was stimulating enough *cough cough*, so

5/7/2007 c13 4CallaBunny
You're story is awesome, and I can't wait to see more. I'd like to see more happen between Rosie and Nate, though, because he isn't in this very much.
1/25/2007 c13 free-to-dream15
Blah I'm sorry I havent read in awhile! Exams and stuff! ...Anyways, sweet chapter! This one totally made me laugh lol I like Jeb and princess! lol Update soon! (and OMG I can't wait!)
1/24/2007 c13 Jaqki
Me? Still willing? HELL YEAH!

Anyway, new chappie is short and sweet and me likey. Yes, I like. SO anyway...

LOve and cookies, Jaqki
11/21/2006 c12 3readingismything
hey girl..wher r u...i still ve dis story in my fav. list n m hopin uu wud update soon...will u?...i wud be really happy if u wud..
11/17/2006 c10 1beloved18
i like this story ^^vry good
11/10/2006 c12 Jaqki
Ah, update! The suspense is killing me!

Love Jaqks
10/24/2006 c12 free-to-dream15
Whoa! Weird yet sweet chapter! Definitely one that got my head spinning for a bit! update soon!
9/29/2006 c6 Crystalline Rose
I'm sorry. But it was kind of disappointing. The main character is so perfect. Even if her character isn't perfect, her physical appearance sure is.
9/27/2006 c12 Ebonee
I like it...I like it a lot. The only reason Rosie (Roksana) don't get along is because they are sort of alike. Is Jumar really dead? If he is what happened to Jeb? and that is all the question I will ask because I probably will be here all day. Please, please, please update soon. I will read your other story, "I'm Nelly and I Hate You" right now.
9/27/2006 c12 6Callisto Jean

Lol. I''m getting so confused...everything is so...jumbled up...I can hardly remember what BI stands for in all the excitement!

And where is the lurve people? Where is the lurrve? Lol. Jk.

Hope you update...sooner. Heheh XD
9/26/2006 c12 6naningxoxo
hm... maybe the mom already knows about the thing because she helped him arrange everything! but anyway i still hope there will be even more fighting! i love it ani hope you update more!
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