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for What Can Be Felt Without Anyone Knowing

2/15/2006 c1 WhyCannotIdeleteaFPAccount
I really liked this poem as well. I could't completely relate to this one as well as the other one, but the whole idea of letting other people see your inner feelings is still around. I like your style of poetry, it's like a good book where you can't stop reading it until the end, except its not a book it's poetry. I really like it and I'll read more in the future!
1/30/2006 c1 31poemkitten7
Wow, this is such a powerful piece of poetry. I love the smooth flow and the fact it rhymed. The poem truly speaks for itself. It's so intense and full of meaning. Definitely one of the most meaningful poems I've read. ^_^ And don't worry, I've read a lot...
1/24/2006 c1 197the Stranger in the moonlight
Just a single person, trying to understand us is enough. Just the effort to help would have prevented her cause of her personal demise. I know this sounds more poetic then some of my poetry, but that is how this poem makes me feel I need to express.

This like your last poem, expressed a need for an escape, which was really only a need for compasion. This poem helped understand your last one.

Very well done, very powerful.


the Stranger in the moonlight.

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