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for A Stalker? Watching Me? No Way

3/23/2020 c1 zagato
This is cool thank you!
3/11/2017 c12 zahrah.ahmed.5
Its funny how none of them have ever tried Italian food; but jimmy has spaghetti in his fridge, they just had pizza and jimmy burnt the pasta. Um correct me if I'm wrong but I'm definitely sure the above mentioned dishes are part of Italian cuisine.
5/14/2013 c32 3AriTakahashi
OMG! I love this story! And I'm so glad that Rachel had a loving big sister
3/22/2013 c1 farhia Ahmed
um i liked your story but hate the fact that she hats almost everything ...like why is she soo negative? and why is it sooo perdictable but it's good for a start hope it gets better #NotTrying2Hate
1/28/2013 c4 2FallingDark
You're kidding right? How..? I mean...this...-_-'' HE'S A STALKER!
1/28/2013 c3 FallingDark
Why is Rachel so CALM? I'm sorry but if I would find out that I'm being stalked , no matter how low my self- esteem may be(and mine's almost non existent) I would at least be freaked out.
7/28/2012 c29 Eleanor
I know a guy who knows a girl whose boyfriends mum gave him a pack of condoms. The catch is though that he's allergic. No joke. Latex. I laughedmyself crazy when I heard about it. Sorry, all the talk of condoms in this chapter made me remember... Anyway, great story, I really love it. I've put it on favorites on my web browser and I rarely do that. Hey, if you have the time I would check out Kelsie078's work. It's really worth checking into if you like reading about romance and sex.
7/2/2012 c6 Guest
I'm sorry...but her parents dying was a little too convenient...like...LOL
This is an awesome story, I love Jimmy, I wish he would come stalk me. :P
1/31/2012 c32 3Brightheart
amazing story... loved it.
10/13/2011 c1 Tatiana
Hi again, it's me, Tatiana. I think I've reviewed this one already, haven't I? Well, I'm reviewing it again.

I know you don't like it very much, but it really is a good story; very original and all that. It just needs editing, in truth. It doesn't matter to me that your paragraph style isn't technically grammatically correct. That's your writing style. Everybody has one, and as long as you like it, I don't see a problem. However, there ARE problems with the way you use "your" versus "you're". This is a very common mistake in online stories. You see, "your" is possessive (example: your hair is brown, or this is your book) while "you're" is a contraction for "you are" (example: you're very pretty). I've also noticed that you spell "yeah" incorrectly. It's Y-E-A-H. You just leave out the H, which is also a very common mistake in online stories. I would advise you to read books frequently, and if you can't pay attention to grammar and spelling subconsciously (I do, which is why I'm so good with it and why my vocabulary is so large), then try to do it consciously.

It really is a very good story. I enjoy it so much that I read it over and over again, even though it's not grammatically correct. And by the way, I usually skip right over stories that have commonly reoccurring grammatical errors. So that just goes to show how good yours is.
5/13/2011 c9 X
i made it to chapter 9 then died laughing at the fight between Jason (what does he have to do with the plot again? some kind of psycho villain lolol) and Jimmy (the most unrealistic character ive ever read about...). This story needs a A LOT of work and im shocked that it got this many reviews. The main character is also mentally unstable and apathetic. I do however think the idea of a romance between a stalker and stalkee is interesting and it's not her sudden feelings toward the stalker that bother me (although they were under-developed) but her attitude towards her sister and family. It makes me think you must not have had any siblings or parents because otherwise you would know that even when sisters hate each other more than anyone, they're closer to each other than anyone else too (source: me, sister for 16 years now). You're story could be great but the writing is not up to par yet with your ideas and notions. Also, everything is rushed and put together very haphazardly (splg?). Try again and I recommend you read Candid's Cloak and Dagger. It was removed from fictionpress due to Plagarism (follow the author's provided link to find the story, you may need to other things to read it) but it is a fantastic story with similar elements to your story. Here's a summary:

Michael is a young assassin working for a mysterious organization of mercenaries called the IMA; an organization so powerful that government denies its existence. When a hacker breaks into their computer's mainframe, they send Michael out to finish off the loose ends. But so far, there's just one lead to go on. The hacker's daughter, Christina.

Christina seems like any other high school senior. Her mother thinks she eats too much. Her father indulges her eccentric hobbies. And she's trying to find a date for the high school dance so she doesn't look like a total loser. Until she gets kidnapped by a group of people who think she's the key to the malicious code that has infected their system. Her resourcefulness has kept her alive so far, but how long will this last?

As she quickly learns, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes Michael's one, sometimes he's the other-but usually he's both. And he's the only one who can save her.
4/5/2011 c32 2Space Orinn
I really do love this story. I mean, yeah, its a bit choppy and confusing but the plot and charcters were beautiful.
3/28/2011 c32 Tatiana
I know it says in your profile that this is a really bad story, but I like it, and I'm picky as hell. You just have grammatical errors, and you use phrases repetitively. If you edited it, it would be awesome. Your paragraphing style should probably be consistent throughout the whole story, and when you use numbers, choose either the actual number or the word. It looks bad when you alternate. In my personal opinion, the word version looks better. What probably bugs me most is that you didn't spell "yeah" correctly, and that you don't use "your" and "you're" in the correct context. But it really is a good story, one of my favorites. Seriously.

-Tatiana, the extremely critical story critic
2/27/2011 c32 Tatiana
Aw, how cute! Some evil little part of me was hoping that Jason and Nick would die in the end, though, I must admit. I really enjoyed it. I'll probably take a look at your other stories.

- Tatiana, the extremely critical story critic
2/27/2011 c10 Tatiana
I'm really enjoying this so far. I won't ask you to change your writing style; it always pisses me off when people tell me to do that. But I will tell you that you need to reread things, because you do make grammar mistakes. Like, you'll put words in places that don't make sense. Oh, and here's something people commonly make mistakes on, and you have, too: your = yours; it redress to something that is the possession of another person's. You're = you are. I hope your story continues to play out as good as it is so far.

Tatiana, the extremely critical story critic
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