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for A Stalker? Watching Me? No Way

7/29/2006 c32 HungarianPotatoFarmer
I love it! It's wonderfully, magnificently GREAT! I don't like that it had to end, but it was a great ending-epilogue thing...yeah. But it really was great! And I love Jimmy, too. He's soo cool. LOL. If there's one like him, he's "yours"? Fine. But there better be two. Anyway, it's great. I loved it. I'll read your other story.

Sincerely, H.P. Farmer
7/29/2006 c31 HungarianPotatoFarmer
I don't blame you with the not typing the whole thing out...it's kinda long. Heh. Adn, yes, I'm Hungarian. Well, part Hungarian. I really like it...it's really good.

Sincerely, H.P. Farmer
7/29/2006 c32 Kuon
I just read this story and I think it had a wonderful ending.
7/29/2006 c32 1ani18
I can't believe that this story is over. I think I'm going to cry. I love this story so much and I'm so happy that it had a great ending. This epilogue is awesome.

I'm happy that Jimmy and Rachel got married and that Jasmine and Rachel are close. I was thinking about how much this story evolved from the beginning. You are a great writer. This story is perfect as it is. It doesn't need a sequel.

Thank you for writing this story.
7/28/2006 c32 2Silly-girl15
I hope you write a sequal to this, because I don't know what I will do if you don't I might just go crazy !
7/28/2006 c31 1ani18
I can't believe that Jasmine isn't a whore. That's just, wow. I'm happy that Jimmy and Rachel finally made it official.
7/28/2006 c32 Pink Emo Punk
oh it over... the end was really good. fit in great. BUt I'm going to miss this story alot :[But it's going to be one of the best I have read. thank you for making it.and I'm going to start reading your other story now.
7/28/2006 c32 atreyu love
I LOVE THE ENDING :D and liprings ^^ lol
7/28/2006 c31 atreyu love
the most disturbing thing i had to watch in that class. BIRTH! and my seat was way up in front. i had a nice view.. eh? so i just had to go to look away for a bit XD lol it was just .. disturbing XD lol, so do you like lostprophets or kill hannah then? wait, did i ask you that already? hmm.. oh yea, i always get distracted. Jasmine was a bit confusing on the fact that she really did care for her sister and was just trying to protect her, and jasmines married? well, anyways, im gonna read the next chapter ^^
7/27/2006 c32 1tingting
7/27/2006 c32 ClaimingUntoughable
love it
7/27/2006 c32 Ilea
u ended that story! omg i miss everything, and im STILL in arizona...and currently hungry...but yea...i cant believe i missed that!
7/27/2006 c32 1RedRoses08
i loved this story. i thought i wouldnt cuz its so long but i abso- fucking-lutely loved it. please write more like it.
7/26/2006 c32 82Isabella22
Love the ending. Just brilliant. Great job. And I hope you make a sequel. *hint hint wink wink*

It could be about the kids and school. Ya know, they learn their parents love story and stuff. They might *happen* upon Nick (who you didn't torture. Hmmph!) and just experience the torture of going to school. And Jimmy and Rachel with all the parental crap. (money, taxes, gas price, etc.)

Lol, love this story! You're an amazing writer!

7/26/2006 c31 Isabella22
Yay! Jasmine is cool! That's so nifty. Lol.

Now make something bad happen to Nick *cough* I mean...oh whatever.

ON to the next chapter.
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