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for A Stalker? Watching Me? No Way

7/21/2006 c30 3SimplySweetnSour
2 or 3 chapters left ehh? i wonder how jasimine could fit in
7/21/2006 c29 SimplySweetnSour
i don't think you should make rachel pregnent. however, it would be interesting if you gave her a pregnancy scare
7/21/2006 c28 SimplySweetnSour
i did NOT see THAT one coming. lol
7/21/2006 c30 ClaimingUntoughable
hey love this chapter hope u can write more soon
7/21/2006 c30 2Silly-girl15
Oh my god! Can't wait to read more. Are they gonna do IT again?lol
7/20/2006 c30 atreyu love
yea.. well, the brought out uh.. *cough*femalecondoms*cough* lol. yep.. and the lady just HAD to draw a diagram of the.. uh.. male and female, well, yea.. im gonna stop there XD lol. god, i love atreyu, i had no clue who they were at first, but my friend burned me one of their albums. and im hooked :D lol. i like Her portrait in black, but i think exs and ohs is one of the best, and maybe along with crimson... and lip gloss and black. god, i have too many favorites ! anyways, im rambling now too ^^;; lol, Love it! its funny :D nice chapter ^^ please update kk?

PS: have you heard of Kill Hannah?
7/20/2006 c30 6wild eyed angel
I am in love with your story! I wish i had a guy like Jimmy! Please update soon! (I think i've had too much sugar *grins*)
7/20/2006 c30 R0MANCEFREAK
yea I think that would be to much drama...I love how there such an innocent couple in love...no drama between them...theres no cliche between them..just love
7/19/2006 c30 Christine Daae
I am seriously laughing my ass off right now. Wet Dreams? Lol, do you acctually plan this stuff! IT is aweseom! Along with laughing my ass off I'm dancing to Fall Out Boy's song, "Dance, Dance" And my mom just walked by and looked at me really weried. I'm straying off topic. Anyways it took you a little longer to update, but it was well worth it. Me! ((I'm not even sure if that heart will show up))
7/19/2006 c30 7daretobe-dIfFeRnT
lol yea, but it makes Jimmy all the more sweet:Dahaha wet dreams, thats kinda funny, poor guy lolyea, i thought it might be ending soon, there isnt much else that can happen! the father of jasmine's baby is gonna be a shocker, isnt it? she's such a slutanyway, love ur story! i just started one, read it if ya want, id love ur feedback:D OMGSH u got to see all those bands LIVE! u are so LUCKYY! hope ya had fun!
7/19/2006 c30 ckshorty
You went to see Yellowcard? Lucky! They have the best songs and not that bad of a band. The chapter was cute, except for Jasmine. And NO for it ending! But all stories come to an end..even mine. It kinda sucks. Question? Do you plan on writing a sequel or just leaving it the way it is once it's done? Just a curious question. Anyway, update as soon as you can!
7/19/2006 c30 XxLostProphetsxXx4EverxX
hey kwl chapter lol luved it lol
7/19/2006 c30 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
7/19/2006 c30 3megamegaturtle
Very funny! Very funny indeed. I liked it. Keep up the wonderful work!

P.S. Sucks that it has to end soon...
7/19/2006 c30 StarDust1880
this is amelia, lol i got registerd...finally! yes i totally agree about the batman and hercules, they're awesome. friends like sarah are cool but it sucks when you have your crush over and then they call and blert(s/p) everything out about how you like this guy and you should date them. *but good thing he felt the same way* they're annoying but good.
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