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for A Stalker? Watching Me? No Way

9/27/2010 c4 Natalie000000

i love this story right now by life is really boring school homework sleep ... i wish i have something exciting going on in my life like rachel i know i sound crazy i am weird like that i am always calm in the scariest situations and always asking for more just like your characters anyways i like your story i just started reading it and so far i cant stop i think i might even finish it today so yeahh thats all i have to say for now i hope you write more stories in the future :)

9/26/2010 c6 bobby5155
This story is a little much for me. In less than 24 hours Rachel learns she has a stalker, falls for her stalker, sees Jimmy almost get in a gun fight with his maniacal older brother, and her parents die...

Way too much, way too quick.
7/9/2010 c31 3aby pwn u
7/9/2010 c32 aby pwn u
Aww, They are so perfect ! :')
7/9/2010 c5 aby pwn u
O: When Jimmy grabs Jason's foot, it says "Jimmy grabbed Jake's foot, which made him fall." :P I think u wrote Jake by accident instead of Jason. So many Js!
7/4/2010 c32 8Francine Brown
12:45am down here in OZ. im tired as hell, but I seriously needed to finish this story. I loved it so much :D

~Francine Brown
6/28/2010 c28 13FM Radio
That was hot. And he was totally momentarily like "Domination!" haha. But yeah. Good job with the sex scene! :) It had enough romance not to just be smut! Not that smut is a bad thing, just that I don't think you were going for that. :) It was sweet, and caring. Sometimes, I can't believe their ages; they just seem older. Anyhoosle, next chapter!
6/28/2010 c9 FM Radio
Okay, I don't want to sound mean, because people have said this to me, but her reaction to the death of her parents doesn't seem very realistic. I hope that doesn't sound offensive. It's just my opinion. I really do like the story so far, though, so..On to the next chapter! :)
6/20/2010 c32 34SetoJouFan
At first I looked at this story and I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved it! I'll admit there where a few spelling errors and I'd reread them to understand them...but anyways I adored this story!

Racheal took it well that she was being stalked...and I love how Jimmy is! This finally chapter was the best!
5/28/2010 c5 1the.writer.hannah
Wait so was that jake or jason? u called him both
3/27/2010 c32 TwilightBloodBell
Aw! This story was absolutely adorable! I thought the writing styles were interesting, character development was perfect, and the plot was fantastic. I loved it, beautiful job! ^^
1/3/2010 c19 Aradia Cloud
Jason is pissin me the hell off.
1/3/2010 c17 Aradia Cloud
Ok, I'm sorry. I have to interrupt here. Why is this story rated M? There's barely any swearing, no guts galore, and no graphic sex so far.
11/17/2009 c6 noname
This is kinda creepy.
11/17/2009 c32 1weeeangie
dude i love this fucking story!
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