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for A Stalker? Watching Me? No Way

2/4/2009 c2 Elle Winters 9
Interesting... really interesting =)
2/4/2009 c2 Jade
The plot of your story is pretty good but what i dont get is why isn't she scare? Any person in their right mind would be scared shitless knowing that some guy (who could be lieing about him self i.e saying his name is jimmy) is watching them every second of the day.
12/11/2008 c1 1failwithpride

i like ur story soo farr..its funny

i think anyway...


royal highness
8/16/2008 c32 5I Murder on Impulse
i absolutely love this story!

3/29/2008 c32 HappyLittleLoser

ok i loved it. and im sorry i was being spastic last night. he. hehe. heh.
3/28/2008 c19 HappyLittleLoser
ok, i so knew the pilot would be jason.

and im still mad that she isnt greiving for her parents. even if they were annoying and shes a strong girl, she should be more upset. and im sorry if these random reviews of boredom are annoying you
3/28/2008 c18 HappyLittleLoser
omigad hes so cute, can i have him?

no seriously, i want him. then we can run away together, to a land of rainbows and converse, where eyeliner runs rampant and frogs rule the world. ok, that made a lot more sense in my head. seriously, it did. wow. thats weird.


ok, so i really like rachel, shes a great charachter. shes all "oo cool a stalker!" and she likes converse. and linkin park. yay.
3/28/2008 c16 HappyLittleLoser

straight out of a disney cartoon, the girls panic at any sign of danger and just start crying while the guys go and get the bed guys. i roll my eyes at her. and at buttercup from the princess bride. which, other than being one of the best movies ever, has one of the lamest heroines ever.

again, sorry for randomly commenting/rambling. i dont usually review anything, but im tired and bored and dont feel like going to sleep and this is what i happen to be reading at the mo. and im a creeper, but we know that already ;)
3/28/2008 c15 HappyLittleLoser
ok, so sister came back. or was at least mentioned. maybe im just tired but i dont get it-where did she go?

btw, you dont have to answer me or anything, im just bored =]
3/28/2008 c13 HappyLittleLoser
ok, this may end up sounding a bit more critical than i want it to, so before i start i just wanna say that i love this. obviously im a bit of a creeper myself ;) so yeah, this is fantastic. im on chap 13 but i just had to stop and comment on a few things...


ok, so her friend completely dissapeared, and nobody even told her sister that their parents died? i mean, where did she go? even if she *was* a stupid bitch, wheres she at? sorry, that was annoying me. and her friend-some best friend! ok yeah, i know there was something else but i cant remember what i was gonna say. so i might get back to you on that. now im rambling. ok bye
3/25/2008 c32 X All of the Above X
I loved this story! I was so romantic and sweet and...oh I can't even describe it!
3/23/2008 c32 Lovedward48
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I F*ING LOVE THIS STORY! Jimmy and Rachel are so CUTE! I read the whole fic in one day! It was captivating and so amazingly written. I love your writing style and it was fun to read the small sentences because it's hard to always read those huge paragraphs! I have nothing to complain about(there are some typos, but you're only human and the actual story is still as awesome) J&R love is really refreshing and still intense! I'm going to look at your other stories now cause your stories are worth the time! I really love this story!^^
12/22/2007 c32 1Valkyre
Holy freaking A man that was lipping awesome!
11/6/2007 c32 6MelGrl
Aww, what a sweet ending. ~tearing up~ this is one of my favorite stories. ^^
7/12/2007 c11 atreyu love
i love it
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