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4/25/2006 c5 33subliminalsquirrel
ok, I'mma be straight honest; these are some horrible haikus, everybody who has given reviews either lied or tried to b nice; haiku is not just a random couple words making 14 syllables in this straightforward and trite manner that u have done; these are not haikus; these are just random hackneyed sentences or phrases that u so mislabeled as "haiku"; there is no special image invoked from these; there is no focus n feeling of singular, intensified moment; the word "beautiful" has been used buzzilion time in such a vague manner, for instance; try again; pick powerful words and connect them in as compelling manner, instead of just giving random generalized statements.
3/7/2006 c3 Galadh Niniel
Beautiful there is an element of mystery in the poem itself, the reader wonders what kind of creature exactly it is. I was thinking of a phoenix, but perhaps that's only an association suggested by Harry Potter. ;-)
2/22/2006 c5 Needa S
Beautiful, excellent work. Keep'em coming!
2/22/2006 c4 Needa S
Beautiful, awesome write.
2/22/2006 c3 Needa S
Nice! Amazing write.
2/22/2006 c2 Needa S
Very nice, beautifully done.
2/22/2006 c1 Needa S
Nicely done.
2/21/2006 c5 37Diane Lynn
I loved some of the haikus in this collection. Some of them were very beautiful and at the same time, they said so much. I think that that is a job that is hard to do with haiku. I would have liked to have seen some kind of theme underlying the collection though. Otherwise, job well done. Thanks for the review btw.
2/17/2006 c5 7Teufel66
Hey there. You have a nice collection here, these poems create wonderful images. simplicity is delicate. i enjoyed them.

2/8/2006 c5 80citrus scented
such a delicate collection- wonderful work.
2/8/2006 c4 citrus scented
oh wow i like the take on sunlight
2/8/2006 c3 citrus scented
great choice of words
2/8/2006 c1 citrus scented
oh this is a elegant little hiaku
2/1/2006 c5 61JR Gringo
"copy/paste from last haiku's review"

No, just kidding...sort of...there is great imagery again, but this one is different. I just can't place my finger on it now...oh well, good haiku though!
2/1/2006 c4 JR Gringo
Again, lovely image you've created here!
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