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2/12/2010 c1 AJONAS
Im not trying to be mean, but this is very similar to another story I read on here called Pixie Sticks or (Stix). I'm not trying to call you out on it or anything, but I just wanted to let you know. Other than that it was extremely sad, but I loved it enough to bookmark it!
11/27/2009 c11 cratermaker
Oh my gosh, I can't believe such a good story is over... -watery eyes- I read this on a road trip with my family, so I really must thank you for writing something that took a two-hour chunk out of a seven-hour trip, though the laptop will be dying soon.

Because I was in the car the whole time, I had to stifle myself in places where I would've normally been bawling my face off. I did have to wipe some moisture away though, so you can say you brought tears to my eyes. This is an instant fav, and I was very, very pleased with what I read. Thank you for writing such a compelling story; it really was a joy for me to read, and I just wish I could've found it a few years earlier so I could've written more reviews for you.
1/18/2009 c11 1animebaby2000
awe very cute ^^ i enjoyed that !
1/5/2009 c11 4Walkofthecookiemonster
this was friggin sad but i loved it!
3/18/2008 c11 DeAnna

That was incredible. =/

Almost made me cry though.
8/19/2007 c11 11Awekid
Why do I keep replaying this song?

Yes, you better come up with a sequel that can top this.

Or else... or else... I can't leave you pretty comments and shameless blushing.
8/19/2007 c9 Awekid
Yeah I'm a nerd for sure. Woohoo for Awekid commenting so many times. Yeah, listening to an asian ballad song while reading that last section is heart breaking. Oh the pain I'm causing for myself. NOW OFF TO READ THE NEXT CHAPTER.
8/19/2007 c7 Awekid
Oh I must look like such a nerd with my screen name appearing so many times [consecutively]. =3
8/19/2007 c6 Awekid
WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA HOLY HELL I think I may have destroyed something on my computer table. I have paused a bit from reading when the sentence "Rayne is Adam" was sought through my eyes.

8/19/2007 c3 Awekid
OH MY GAWD. This whole time I thought this story was taken off because it disappeared from my favourites. D:

But I found it and I'm going to read it again and fangirl over it again and send you lots of lovely comments because everybody loves comments. =)
3/26/2007 c11 17bR0k3N
THIS WAS SO SAD! omg. so sad!

I loved it though. It was a good read!
4/3/2006 c10 1Prisoner-11
o.0 That was an unexpected ending for that chapter! Though not bad ^.^
4/3/2006 c10 emerald raven
for a few minutes there i was rather confuzzled lol but i got with it - aww hows joey gonna cope with it at his aunts... he cant go...

anyway keep it up


ravenx x x
3/27/2006 c9 Prisoner-11
Whoa! Nice.
3/26/2006 c9 emerald raven
aww everything calms donw a bit and theres more drama lol...

well is janice gonna come and steal him? surely criss can hide him in the cupboard and foil her plans?

hope your writer's block is gone, i hate it when i get it.


ravenx x x
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