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1/19/2012 c9 4flowers in december
Ohohohoho~ I just loved it.

I'm going through and reading all of your shit, I trust that you won't mind very much as long as I review and don't creep you out with it. I very much enjoyed these characters as well, and the pairing. I tend to have a thing for the assholes, kinda understand their sitches, y'know?

Keep 'em coming. You're an excellent writer.
8/28/2011 c9 7A-Crimson-Memory
Oh grr you just can't stop it here! -.- and omg Elliot! He's definitely the real life Emmett! Haha especially when he said "big nelly bottom" I knew exactly what episode he said that in too! I was gonna review each chapter but on some I didn't have a lot to say and others i had lots! But then I'd figure i would just review here! Since I've watched QAF I sort of know where your story is going unless you totally catch me by surprise and change up the whole plot! Taylor is Taylor so I guess there won't be that romance thing that Jamie wants and nor will Taylor ever admit he doesn't mind a boyfriend. Please finish this story I would really love to know what's next.
8/23/2011 c5 A-Crimson-Memory
Awe sugar! He bought sugar. There's that secret care that Taylor has for Jamie. He'll never admit it but he cares. I mean he took him back a second time to fuck so that has to mean something!
8/23/2011 c4 A-Crimson-Memory
Oh my goodness! Drew's mom is like Debbie from Queer as Folk haha! You gotta love her though right? :) yes! I read the last few chapters while I was at school so I couldn't review them, but omg this story I'm totally in love with because QAF was by far my favorite tv show! And the fact that you wrote a story based off of it I love you forever :P
1/18/2011 c9 BlueMoonlily
I'm sorry I usually review for every chapter but I'm reading this on My iPod touch and it's just a bit awkward to write reviews . honestly I love this story and I can't wait for you to write more. I hope you do soon because it's pretty addicting lol *hearts*
1/18/2011 c2 BlueMoonlily
hehehe i love this story already lol
12/8/2010 c9 kosmich
I'd would definitely like to read more! I like the characters, but I hope that their relationship doesn't get too cheesy and lovey-dovey, because Taylor doesn't seem to be that kind of a person, even if he breaks his rules and gets into a relationship with Jamie. keep the tension and Taylor's struggle with falling in love till the end, pleaase? :D I hate it when stories that have great tension in the beginning turn so mushy and over-romantic in the end...it's a personal pet peeve of mine. but yeah, so far I really like the story. :)
12/7/2010 c9 pretensions
taylor can't stop thinking about jamie. clearly they are meant to be together!

thanks for sending me a message earlier. :) i'll just continue to hope that the story and these characters naturally lead you to a happy ending.
12/7/2010 c9 ntm12
hey this is great! i love these characters and i can't wait to read more..i can definitely see the QAF influences, especially in Taylor.
12/4/2010 c8 pretensions
awesome, you're updating again!

i really do love this story. and even though i already know the heartbreaking end to this love affair, i can't help but hope that everything turns out okay for jamie and taylor. so this is me, begging for a sequel/epilogue of sorts in which jamie and taylor somehow come back together and live happily ever after.
12/24/2009 c7 angelmalach
I know it's along shot, considering it's been more than three years since you worked on this, but...please finish!
11/22/2009 c7 8dizzymslizzy
this is so good it is kinda like Brian and Justin but yet they are ur own... i cant wait for more
2/25/2008 c7 5boyzarecrazy24
OMG =[ u have to finsh this =] its so good! AH lol haha the characters are fantabulas and i luff jamie =]] hehehe

plz update!

12/20/2007 c7 True.Randomness
I really do love the story of these too. I canĀ“t wait for the next chapter.
6/19/2007 c1 The Falconer
Dare I hope for an update? No? *blinks rapidly* You can't leave it there! You said you enjoyed writing it...and, and, and I enjoyed reading it! *sobs* Sorry I can't comment on the story itself because all I can't think about is that it's not completed! I want more, more, MORE!
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