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for Waiting Girls

7/24/2007 c1 14China Doll Rockstar
Beautifully written. It's sad =( I fel your pain. Haha.
12/10/2006 c1 29Saikai
Great poem, sorry if this isn't a long review, I am very tired, you are probably my sixty-seventh review tonight.
10/2/2006 c1 kisstherainn
Such a beautifully written poem describing so many strong emotions. It sucks to do all those things just for a guy when you know so well that he doesn't care about you in the same way.
9/19/2006 c1 7Scarlet Michelle
I love this poem. It makes me feel wistful, and maybe a little sad.

I don't think I've ever really been in that boat, truly, but I can relate to it.

Very nice. ^_^
4/4/2006 c1 50fairEtales
Wow. I can SO relate to this. I am in the same boat as you, honey!
3/30/2006 c1 21lordelfy
this is so sad and sweet in a way! i really like this great job!
3/6/2006 c1 131theory of black
Hey... this sounds very familiar to me... oh yeah, I was that girl once or twice. Great job. Very creative.
2/12/2006 c1 7lilprince
Sometimes it just has to be said (;_;), I like (^^)v
2/10/2006 c1 52meaninglessTears
aw... i wuv this poem! ^-^ it reminds me of me like... a long time ago... heh turns out he liked me too lol but this is a great poem. the rhyming fits in perfectly and everything that's said in it just about every girl can relate to. great poem!
1/29/2006 c1 8Theatre-4life
This is a beautiful poem, Echoes, very well done - not to mention the striking similarity it has to a situation I'm currently in. Anyway! Keep up the wonderful work!
1/29/2006 c1 4xXMercutioXx
that's really good!

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