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2/6/2006 c1 145EvanescentIdiosyncrasies
The imagery of "You kiss the wound; While planting your dagger in my heart. You twist the blade. Say it will be okay. And either way, Thansk for putting me through this help."It's very powerful and full of emotion; beautiful crafted.I can find myself relating to your poem; and I definitely agree that it is masterpiece.HecateThanks for reviewing 'Dear Daddy'. I didn't think that it flowed enough; thanks for your input!
1/29/2006 c1 Shadow
I think I remeber helping you on this one... I can't remember clearly though. well I do what I can when I'm around and try to comfort when I can. There are times when I won't be around and you need help just remember no matter how you mess up I will always forgive... knowing that sounds like a line from a song or something... but you know me and know how I work most times. I'm not the strongest person in the world and I know I act like I am, but in knowing the true me shows you what others don't see. I will always be there to help you stand after taking a nasty fall.LoveShadow

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