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for Sally

11/15/2006 c1 41i'll ask the stars above
i like the switch it, embrace it, it's an interesting little flow jump. and, thank your for your review. No, that wasn't an oral sex reference. at least, not to me. (it was a refernce to desperation, tearing at freedom with your nails and your teeth). anyway, I think that if you tried a couple of short stanzas with this, it's strength would really be out there. Other than that, good job.
9/11/2006 c1 1Mother Nature's Daughter
I like how u string ur words together and make them flow and since u only had one reviewer for this, I figured I give you anotehr one, b/c I really do like ur poem, like i said I love how u strong all the words together and let them flow together. Its really cool.
3/28/2006 c1 8lydia is pretty
I really love the beginning line of this poem:

She plays-fill in the blank, it’s all the same to me-too loud

I also lke these lines:

A closed stained glass window, a lineDrawn across a largely spacious, open air room

Silence too loud. And for once that loud, stupidMusic is accepted. I callIt a loud, stupid compromise.

The way you flow words together in your poetry is amazing. You know I really live your style of writing, and this holds more than true in your poetry. I can't believe no one else has reviewed this one.

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