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for Snowballing

8/24/2004 c1 zvz
I like death.
I also like this story.
Many people can't deal with the more dark-minded fics, but I rather enjoy them.
Cogratulations, you have my attention.
6/5/2001 c1 Megan
That was really stupid!

But it made me laugh
2/22/2001 c1 megan
Um... Well, it was readable, but I was disappointed with the ending. I mean, it's all nice and moral, but why not put a twist at the end instead? Twists are nice... Anyways, I think you should call this _Snowballing_ because it started out like a snowball at the top of the hill with that guy pretending to make them rich if they kill someone. They did it and liked it and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger...
2/22/2001 c1 18Erin
Ooooh ... this was different. Reminded me of this one movie I saw, but I can't think of it! A cross over between Scream and Blair Witch, maybe. I dunno. It was good though, bit gory, but nevertheless would make a very interesting movie ... o_O
2/22/2001 c1 16sporkychan
Ok i liked it accually... a likkle creepy, i hope no one goes psyco on me anytime soon! I wouldve gone to mexico if i were them!

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