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6/17/2006 c1 18Plinky
Again - beautiful ending. Love the way you use words - they all seem just right.
6/12/2006 c1 57empathic life
Another good one. I love your writing style. It's unique, almost like you're telling someone a secret, instead of forcing your thoughts into rhyming and other such things. Lovely work. I especially like the ending on this one. Thanks for the reviews. -E.L.
5/12/2006 c1 29Predak
Very well said, it created an interesting feeling. I liked the third person view, but I'm curious as to who's actually talking? "Be a god./ Deify that irony/ of human perfection." are great lines, but I don't understand how the author can be a god while at the same time make the irony into one as well. Or maybe it is meant to irrational, or ironic... in which case it makes me smile. keep up the work,


Ps. If you want answers to your thoughts about my poem, they are in the reviews for "Peak". Thank you for your insightful comments, they were much appreciated.

Pps. This place needs private messaging.
4/7/2006 c1 23La Gitane
most interesting concept, and very well expressed. Shall we love humans in all their imperfections? I do wonder if 'red haired' was perhaps a little specific, but I liked the darker imagery that followed. I've also just realised I read 'deify' as 'defy' - if that was intentional it was cleverly done.

A very strong piece. :)
4/6/2006 c1 Cedric Quilfeather
Hmm. Interesting. I'm glad to see that you're not trapped by the rhyme demons, lol. Always a plus.

Interesting concepts you're working with here. I'm not sure if I agree with them or not, but they're eloquently stated. And it's unusual, but I have no changes to suggest! Well done. =)
4/6/2006 c1 31Michael l'oeil fol
you glorify humans to much for my taste but to each their own...like the language, flows well...how did you come across my humble musing in the maelstrom? MLF
3/21/2006 c1 612simpleplan13
interesting.. deifnately made me think I love the whole thing about the red hair & the ending.. great piece
3/18/2006 c1 50Chandra-Moon
This was very interesting. I especially liked the style it was written in, it flowed quite well.

People are meant to be loved-I wish that every person could love everyone else. But I'm idealistic like that.

Good job, keep writing.
2/2/2006 c1 12The Surgical Lounge
I enjoyed this peom, it doesn't bluntly state something like most of the poems on this site and it also doesn't rhyme!

I specifically enjoyed the part about the "bright leaps" and "dark games". Keep up the good work.

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