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for Shoot

7/28/2006 c1 Me
At first I thought it was a sad, suicidal, poem about extinguishing your own life. Then I read the last two lines and was slightly relieved...until I thought about it some more. Now I think it's more a different way to tell how you thought less of yourself (ie. A glass of milk.)

Aside from what I thoguht it meant, It was very good! I especially liked the spacing, and the ability for it to mean a few different things.
3/2/2006 c1 Alex Y
The entire poem is incredible! Frankly i like the glass of spoiled, spilled milk because it brings the whole poem to a good finish.
2/4/2006 c1 myhearthurts
its good! hmm umm maybe the glass of spoiled milk part is a bit to much but other than that its great...

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