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for Crying Inside

4/16/2006 c1 16The Melancholy Cocoa Bean
'thoughts of you tear away at my heart'

aw. this is so true and sad.
3/10/2006 c1 44catching-falling-stars
oh how i know what this feels like! unrequited love, ahh how evil it is! great piece of writing!
2/6/2006 c1 5degeneration-X
Ok, no this is ur best work so far, its actually beautiful, the fact u have to read it thru own tears really adds effect :P
2/4/2006 c1 29Lemon Blue
This is really good. I really like it!Good job. It is written really well.

Lemon Blue
2/4/2006 c1 free-to-dream15
I liked this one. The length worked well for it and I really liked the rhyming! Keep writing!

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