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for Davy and Kris

6/14/2008 c1 8failte200
Make fun of yourself for being too sugary-sweet if you want - but I teared up and had to blow my nose.

I like your style. It reminds me of... me, actually. :) It seems like here on FP it's rare to even see someone use third-person.

Anyway, for a writer's block I-just-have-to-write-SOMETHING one-shot, this was really good.

Hm. This story is two years old. I only read it because it was short - I just don't like to get involved in long fics these days, they make me feel guilty for not working on my own. But perhaps I should at least check out something newer of yours...
5/28/2007 c1 thenorthface
i think this is too cute! and well written.

I like it that Davy goes back, its a neat twist on the whole being stopped at the gates cliche
5/26/2006 c1 Lidyah
M...Sweet but not death worthy. Great little piece.
5/4/2006 c1 54rainbowskye
Aw, it was adorable. Easy to read, not too many mistakes and a happy ending and I do love my happy endings. Good work ^_^
4/19/2006 c1 24Limited Edition
Naw cute!

You sometimes have a lil problem with repeating words and also with commas, otherwise it's awesome.

I loved the story. So cute *giggle*

This story gives me sugar rushes! *wee wee*
2/22/2006 c1 13dooley creel
from your last poem you sounded like an analytical mathematician with artful insight,but apparently you have this other gushy side, your characters seem remarkably restrainted and imperceptive to have lived together for years and have so successfully supressed their feelings, nonetheless, as you said it was a motivation to write and the story would not have been any more convincing if it had ended in murder or suicide
2/7/2006 c1 88multiples of six
This was really, really cute & well-written! I got teary-eyed. Well, a lot of things get me teary-eyed, but still. I love it. =)
2/6/2006 c1 1kelseypaige
Oh my God. -fangirls- I loved this so much! Everything-from the setting to the time switches to the cliched ending-just played out so smoothly and neatly. This was so so lovely!

2/6/2006 c1 1PenChewer
Hey! omg! that was soo cute, i loved it! soo cute and fluffy and adorable, i love your stories! and i really hope your past your readers block on 'OF t and C' because i'm dying for another chapter of that! i love your writing skills! your awesome!UnsungAngelLove
2/6/2006 c1 2Jayn
Aw! Cuteness! ^_^
2/6/2006 c1 8polynesia
Pah. Diabetic comas are highly underrated. If I get to feel this euphoric right before I'm rushed to the hospital, then I'll make it weekly!

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