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for Fantastic Orgasmic Magic

3/22/2006 c1 173sunshineofyourlife
totally reminds me of Disney's FANTASMIC light show at magic kingdom!

i love the alliteration.

-sunshine :D
2/7/2006 c1 a lonely september
nicely written. like your illiteration.
2/6/2006 c1 Please Deactivate
you poor boy, to have such an enigmatic day...i feel for you...lol...i don't think this is recycled (to use your word), i think it is different...certainly different than my own, rather angsty, morbid, lovely, sad poems that never seem to be actual truths...it is interesting though, that a boy of your age can spout such beautiful poetry with an exuberance that many would not understand...i trust you shall continue in your quest to find your place in the poets world and perhaps find a friend in said world who will understand you for who you are...i love the work and can't wait to read more!

~Single Black Rose

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