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4/2/2008 c1 cloudsarenull
...I will now avoid Nutrigrain bars at all costs...
11/26/2006 c2 18Queen of the Shadylands
Okay now I see how your guide to the social groups started. I don't know if you have but if you haven't you have to listen to Wierd Al Yankovitch' song This is your Horoscope for today, I think you would like it. Well I'm gonna keep reading.
11/26/2006 c1 Queen of the Shadylands
Okay the first chapter was amusing and don't worry I'll send those chain letters on to my friends (laughs evily) and I have no Sagittarius friends which is good as 6moo6493743duck6592893 times does not sound like a fun number. Will be reading on soon.
7/3/2006 c8 19Burnt Bread
e... cause I like avacadoes, and everyone else seems to.

Erm, time is running around with no pants - gtg catch it, but longer review next time!

6/28/2006 c8 Note to self
-Poll- Kylie, annoying little CRETIN that she is for not just including this in her review, voted A.
6/26/2006 c8 5Mrs. Mercury
Fine. I'll vote. But only because I love your stuff and I want you to keep turning it out. Or maybe it's just because I have nothing better to do...

6/25/2006 c8 ME
Too late, sucker. You obviously never heard of reverse psychology. And why isn't 'filter paper' an option? You've ruined my life's work. ::pout::

In other news Aaron Spelling died. Which means no more pointless 7th Heaven reruns...YAY! I was getting a little edgy at the sight of the youngest girl's hair...they should fire her stylist. An 80's Mariah do is just vomitable (and yes that IS a word...Bill Gates says it isn't so it is) right now.

Anyway, get moving with the other story or I shall be forced to actually talk to you once in a while.
6/22/2006 c8 jamesbuc
Oh wait! I read the wrong thingy for me. lol

Oh ok, yeah my TV is being swamped with reality TV junk (noticbly Big Brother)
6/22/2006 c8 12jamesbuc

Hmm... I did actually get hit by a flying object the day when you posted this (checks date on posting) yep. Hit by flying cuddly toy. :) But then again I get hit by lots of things on a regular basis having two brothers and im babbling on so id better just finish off by saying that this one was very funny and LOL.
6/22/2006 c8 6FuzzyGrapes

*claps* You finally updated! Yay! And this was tres amusing! Oh, you know that thing to see if you're an optimist or a pessimist? The half empty/half full thing? You could do that as an interlude. You know, if it would make you update faster =). I worked out that I'm really, really optimistic - if someone gave me an empty glass, i'd say it was full - of air. Either that, or I'm just delusional. Anyway, yes. I found the aries (me!) one very, very helpful =) Thanks for updating!
6/21/2006 c8 9SapphireIris

Really. That's my answer.

Or maybe secret answer "f) I was going to say whatever until I like to hula dance because my house was attacked by otters who got arrested for indecent exposure"

6/19/2006 c8 2Purple-Butterbear
*Forgets how to review*

Poll answer: (a)


The reviewer finds this chapter nice

Said reviewer is having trouble comming up with a creative review because she is sleepy
6/19/2006 c8 33WyrdWolf
*whistles* You're alive! Just checking...lol.

This made me laugh...and wow, one hell of a long chapter, so kudos on that. See, I thought you were supposed to put a roll of toilet paper up your nose during your driving test...my sister said it was supposed to help with depth perception. The mofo. Thanks for saving me!

Hm...the 2+2 thing...have them look at that famous question! What's 2+2? And then they can tackle it in their own way...just a thought.

For the poll I want to say 'E.' However, I will say 'AE,' and since an avacado is evidently the most power channeling device known to man, I say:


Hope to see a new chapter in a shorter interval (but don't kill yourself)!
6/19/2006 c1 17invisiblebob
That was awesome! I like Capricorn's. And guess what? Today just happens to be my B-day.
6/19/2006 c8 60Tapioooca
*pulls toilet paper out of nose* Yeah, I totally passed. *shifty eyes*

Yay! You updated! I'd nearly lost all hope!

Can't wait 'til next week's (month's? :P ) horoscope!
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