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for Fantasies Of Flying

3/24/2006 c1 19Phoenix-ofthe-Goldenrose
Wow. I really like this. The structure is really cool, because the phrases aren't all on one line, which gives a feeling of ethereality, if you ask me. Very well written!
2/22/2006 c1 BigStick
yo, i thought this was amzing! i cnt blieve u are only 17! u must've put alot of effort into it and it payed off.i bet u won sum kinda competition for this! BRAVO!

2/11/2006 c1 dorydafish

I love the poem!

I like how u put some words in bold and some in italics and underlined some. I love how the poem just flows and the words are really written with meaning...

its cool!

Love ya man XX
2/9/2006 c1 5degeneration-X
This one really comes from the heart, I can just imagine u (day)dreaming these sorts of things, head in the clouds. I love it. The magic of escapism cant escape the reader. 'Emotions so strong,/ They tear and rip/ Ruin.'
2/9/2006 c1 144chaos called creation
Very well written. Haven't we all had those flying dreams... especially liked the idea of circling the moon. Very original.
2/9/2006 c1 10just a teardrop
i love the formatting of this. really beautiful. great job!
2/9/2006 c1 44catching-falling-stars
that was pretty cool. i really liked the way it sounded. never stop writing!

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