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for I Know

3/29/2011 c1 119SomeRandomScribbles
Great poem! The repetition is really effective and the meaning is clear :)
2/27/2006 c1 14kit feral
Aw... I like it a lot. Touching. The repetition works really well and I love how the ending ties in to the beginning. "But I know of a hand that holds I know a pair of eyes that see" That's really sweet... I just love the flow of this. Beautiful ending. Keep up the great work!
2/9/2006 c1 19Jules Kelly
I really like the structure of this particular poem. It's really nice how you started off melancholy in the beginning and finished with the happy ending. It sounds like it could be a popular song.

The only nitpick I would throw in is no punctuation. But I've noticed a lot of people don't do that anymore anyways.
2/9/2006 c1 71MidnightStar005
I loved the flow of the poem! Great Job!

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