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11/27/2013 c12 elizabeth73
When I saw this was updated, I was giddy with glee! Your way with words is amazing! The depth of emotion I feel about these characters as the reader is proof of that.
4/23/2012 c8 3Jenny.Humphrey
I highly doubt you are on this site or receiving emails anymore, but just in case you were I wanted to plead with you to continue this story! I love all of your writing and this story left off in a way that I can't really imagine closure unless I want to be like "Then she flew back to NY where Jeff greeted her at the airport and they lived happily ever after." Yeah, way less interesting.
12/5/2009 c1 plzkthx101
Ok. So I read all three of your stories. I woke up this morning and REread Not Irish and Theory. And am resisting rereading the third because it isn't finished and getting to that last chapter just leaves me unsatisfied. Not only do your stories have serious substance, but you yourself are a fantastic writer. Everything is seemless - the transitions, the blend of dialogue and action, the interchange between characters. You write reality, and that's the hardest part of all. To nail down the ugliness as well as the beauty, the quirks as well as the obvious. And don't even get me started on your characters. You fall in love with the two main characters in question in each story. In Not Irish, Tim's kind of cool, but as we find out, Irish doesn't pay him a whole lot of attention (no one does), so it takes reading Theory for me to really fall in love for him. But I do! Every character you write, I fall for. That's a brilliant bit of writing! Please continue working on this story. I read from your author's profile that you will be ... I truly hope so. Until then, thank you for all of hard work.
9/29/2008 c8 Incurable Adoration
As much sd I like your stories, I now have this to say about chapter 8 of "Yelling at Bees": Just as she's thinking about the tragedy in her family that occurred on a particular highway, Alexis pulls onto it while opening her cell phone.

Mentally going over memories of [news about] a terrible car accident, she decides to be on the phone while driving? Very smart.

I'm not saying you have to change that part in my eyes, but I just want to throw that out there.
9/14/2007 c1 Pretty Girls Make Graves
Where have you gone?
7/4/2007 c8 3hail.the.bloocheese
i simply can't get enough of this world you've created. it's compelling and wonderful.
6/11/2007 c8 3chocolatemusic
please, please, PLEASE finish this.
4/27/2007 c1 Pretty Girls Make Graves
You, my darling, need to come back.
3/29/2007 c8 dearlymissed-saynever
2/16/2007 c8 Sarah
Hello, I just want to say that I'm utterly captivated by your delicious trio of stories- I really, really hope that you update Yelling at Bees soon. It's not often that one can find realistic adult stories of love and life on here which makes your stories that much more precious. And also I'd really like to know what ends up happening which Alexis and Jeff, perhaps at least see them together soon.

Thanks for writing, you're amazing. x
2/11/2007 c8 21PsychoLady
GASP! Oh the drama! (adds to story alert)
2/3/2007 c8 daisyherrera
Can I just say...

1/28/2007 c8 2Pretty Girls Make Graves
You're back! And I'm back!

And I love this.
1/19/2007 c8 4Morgan Davis
cant wait for more!
1/15/2007 c8 Halloran is back
You don't know how giddy I am at the thought that you are back! I thought you were in a coma when you didn't update this in a while. Kay, that was immature, but really I am so happy that you're updating this. I love all of your stories, even the more "philosophical" ones without the "less-than-standard" heroes (though I disagree with you) and I've read and re-read them so many times.

Heh heh.
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