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9/17/2006 c1 luv me like no other
really ncie poem. i like the ruby thing. it was funny.
6/7/2006 c1 nofaceme
very interesting. I love how all the different stones are weaved into this. ^_^ very fun to try and find all of tehm. I like the line about glasses. Keep it up.
4/4/2006 c1 69til-iburnout aka Amanda Helton
I love your use of stones/gems to get the colors across, i can see it in my mind, the images are vivid. I absolutely adore the last line.
3/24/2006 c1 612simpleplan13
I really love the whole color thing... nicely done
3/22/2006 c1 79Spare Change
I am a sucker for poetry that I can't initially understand because of lovely metaphors. Hehe. So very elegant! Nice nice :)
3/9/2006 c1 148Thyrt
interestingi liked itit's really creative
3/3/2006 c1 a lonely september
'Skin untouched. You made me bleed Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz,

Nearly a million shades freshly carved in flesh.'that was just gorgeous and so was the last line. you did a brilliant job on this.
2/28/2006 c1 27Julie Poe
I love this poem! Wonderful iamgery
2/21/2006 c1 myno
intense piece, powerful images.
2/19/2006 c1 34Nine-Black-Roses
hellothis poem is powerfulits very gd
2/16/2006 c1 75Carp
There's an honest twist in each stanza. "You broke my glasses telling me you didn’t suit a Rose

Quartz tint, Hidden Truth just wasn’t your colour."

I liked those two lines. Thank you so much for reviewing my work. Your poetry is well written. :)
2/16/2006 c1 48Vyvyan
The first line is confusing. Perhaps add a comma?

But I love how all the stones are interwoven. Brilliant
2/14/2006 c1 132mizu no kokoro
heartfelt and erotic~ well expressed emotions~

keep writing!
2/14/2006 c1 31none of burt's beeswax
I love(d) "our skins still weeping/diamond drop pure passion tears." This is gorgeous and the twist at the end is absolutely cruel, darling. Lovely.
2/14/2006 c1 879Moondog Dozier
Excellent end line. Very colorful and well placed imagery throughout. Kind of a swirling semi-reality. Very well written and unique.
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