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for A Not So Gentle Rogue

11/3/2010 c13 BlasphemousRumors101
Please,please,please update this story.It's very interesting and deserves an update.All of us who have reviewed this should get some kind of reward for taking the time to tell you how much we liked it...I really think an update would do nicely as the reward.I usually don't give any feedback but this is really good and I really want to read more.
8/31/2010 c13 virgo-valentina
I;ve just discovered this story today and its been an interesting read~ hope to see you updte soon
8/25/2010 c8 naynay93
i can't wait for the next chapter! the writing is great and i am dying for what happens next in the relationship! things are getting interesting... ;P
7/17/2010 c6 1Mori Verne
6/5/2010 c13 6Blonde.Ambitions
I really like your story! When is more coming up?
3/24/2010 c11 Pendagger
"Hm...I'm thinking there's something wrong with this chapter...does James seem different?"

If he seems different to you, you might ask yourself why. When setting out to tell a story, we always have a concrete idea of how a character will be, but through the course of the story we may find that is not who the character is. So while James may have been intended to be a hard-edged, insufferable rake, in reality he may actually be softer with more redeeming qualities.

The characters inevitably decide who they are, not the writer.

Now you just have to decide: what's his motivation to appear to be something he's not? And in under what circumstances will he drop his guard and allow himself to be as he truly is?

That being said, I'm enjoying this story immensely. Your writing is quite good: descriptive enough without being overly-so, humorous where it needs to be, serious where it doesn't.

I am curious as to why James wouldn't just set back to London and be rid of Victoria. Having her with them on the entire journey will cause a lot of trouble for him than it is worth. Perhaps a reason for this (perhaps his trip has a bit of urgency to it that he cannot delay?) is in order. Otherwise he just seems like a jerk for no good reason.
3/15/2010 c13 ponponcake
teehee...damn they stopped right before the good part ;) love the story, keep it up! hope you update soon!
2/7/2010 c13 unmagicalhornlessunicorn
This was amazing! I love them so much! Please update soon!
1/21/2010 c13 Ann

I only briefly read your latest 2 chapters and I have to say your french is horrible :s I've been studying french since I was 10 and even though I'm not that good at it myself, I have to say these mistakes really put me off. I get that most of your readers probably don't understand a word of french, but for those of us who do, it's a bit obnoxious :s.

You even made a mistake in your author's note, saying 'it's been a while, qui', which means: it's been a while, who? I'm assuming you meant to say 'oui'?...

I really don't want to hurt your feelings, I like the idea of the story and it's no big deal that you don't speak the language, but just don't use it then. Perhaps you could try to find someone who does speak the language to look over your chapters. The sentences I saw were also very easy and short, so you could also try typing them in google to see how many hits you get. If you get none, you've probably made a mistake.

Also, you'd be more safe if you just used nouns or adjectives. these little things like 'si' or 'ce que' are harder to get right.

I hope you're not too mad, I'm not someone who writes reviews usually, because most of the time I have no advice, but in this case I just couldn't help myself.
1/13/2010 c12 Kate
I'm from chester :) Great Chapter and story. :) x
1/3/2010 c12 4Ck90
The kiss was a long way coming! I have a feeling that it was Angela who wrote the letter... The characters seem very real and I really do love your stories... well the two that I have read! I really wish you would update...

7/20/2009 c12 Shut Up and Smile
THIS is awsome!

Victoria's a fiesty one lol

ohh looks like she does't hate James as much as she thought ;)

great story!

cant wait for more!

4/26/2009 c10 FauxAfflictions
Updates PLEASE?
4/24/2009 c11 FauxAfflictions
4/4/2009 c12 FauxAfflictions
Really Good!

Keep the updates coming!


"It Could Have Been Easier On You, I Couldnt Change Though I Wanted Too..."
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