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2/6/2012 c2 serahei
I hope this Brenden doesn't have anything to do with Harm's Brenden.
3/15/2007 c2 R.F.Y
im loving this roxanna!
12/17/2006 c1 146Sexy Vampirechick
Cool beginning!There were a few spelling errors,you might want to check it out.
11/4/2006 c2 1addicted2cocoa
Hey, you should really update this one, you know? There were a couple of spelling errors, but I don't really have the time to go through them. If you'd like me to go through them, feel free to PM me or something.
10/21/2006 c2 akb-inactive
What I like in stories is that they don't end abruptly. It's like... the author doesn't cut you short but they also don't make you think 'Damn, this is getting too long...'

You're really good with knowing the limit. And you do it really well. Good job, I like this story! Continue!
3/26/2006 c2 5unrequitedx
omfg, i REALLY REALLY look forward to the next chapter YOU MUST UPDATE! =O
3/11/2006 c2 Momochi Zabuza
It feels weird reading because we already know what happens. Surprise us!

Update soon!
3/3/2006 c2 theeighthhouse
3/1/2006 c2 22Daydreamer-angel
at first i ws gonna turn awya but i have decied to review and read on
2/15/2006 c1 11les petits bateaux
Wow...this is really really beautiful. I love how you described the character's remorse and when everything just fell apart. The ending was stunning. Any chance this could be more than a one shot?
2/15/2006 c1 theeighthhouse
oh cool!
2/15/2006 c1 1The Girl in the Background
o its a good beginning...it hooks the reader in and makes us want to read more...please continue!
2/15/2006 c1 1ilovehorses
great so far! seems more like an ending than a beginning though...is it a one-shot?
2/15/2006 c1 Momochi Zabuza
Continue! You must continue!
2/15/2006 c1 2hijacked ambulance
aw, that's so sad. what a horrible thing to experience. is this a one-shot?
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