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5/29/2006 c1 6Anya Tempest
This was really nice - I really liked it, even though I'm big a fan of poetry.

It was a very interesting look through an angel's eyes, and you kept the rhyming scheme and meter going nicely. Nice work.

(PS: I just wanted to thank you for your email. The day after I got it turned out to be quite upsetting in places, and your words really encouraged me. Thank you.)
3/15/2006 c1 2Nicolas Forndrale
You really have this thing for angels, huh, 'Dre. Hehe. :D

Although not as imposing as your other literary pieces, this small poem of yours does not fail to shine.

I truly wonder if you've ever been up there and actually have had the chance to step into an angel's shoes (or divine-looking roman sandals, for that matter). Seems to me, the sentiments of the angel is absolutely spot-on...although I'm not really sure I get the part where he/she is 'JEALOUS of the history I see'. But then again, I'm no angel to know how angels really do feel and busy themselves way up there. :D

As always, keep on with your craft, 'Dre! I still am looking forward to your future works! ;)

- Nicolas

P.S. The Teen Talk forum post about The Secret of Fatima absolutely struck me - especially the part where WE were compared to Noah's situation. I remember you guys (you, Allen, Jeannine, and Vientiane) were talking about that one time. Wow. Just WOW. Oh, and one more thing... You missed one anagram in Episode IV - PENSETH = Stephen. Hehe. :D The 'Four Pillars' of Fiduciaries back then. :)
2/16/2006 c1 85Embellished Heart
Wow. For some reason I was touched by this poem. It was quite sad but beautiful. Also a topic that has been written about much. Very well done.Keep it up!~Dana

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