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for Jessica Hates Jake

3/2/2009 c2 2harsh-beautiful-truth
Hey! love the story. i am always up for a story about a girl who stands up for herself. i also like the diary format a lot... great work! can't wait to see more!
10/21/2006 c2 NicoleMarie87
you should really continue this story! i think its a great start for something really good. can't wait to see if you update! ~nicole
5/8/2006 c2 2Queen of Boredom
lol..soo hilarious..i loved the summary..really great...it would be better if you space it out and every dialouge, you skip a line...heh...i just learned that too... well.you have a great story going here...hope to see more..
3/28/2006 c1 6Den Den
I wanna know what happens next!
2/27/2006 c2 1crazylady4
Man i love it. Jess is asskickingly cool. Lol asskickingly isn't a word. but yeah it is now. cause i just made it up. woohoo i have my own word. Anyway I love this story. Great chapter. I think i'm your first reviewer. hehe

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