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for A foregone conclusion

4/27/2006 c1 330in a jar pk
this is like, a guide to understanding THE WALL. again, amazing.
4/20/2006 c1 20Autumn Dance
Adore the last line- You kept us awake with confessions of your pipe dreams, your cough up sin for everything.

and we never called for help,It was a foregone conclusion.

It's compact and vibrant. I'm finding your style hypnotising. Must read some more...AD x
2/18/2006 c1 36contrast and friction
Damn, this is amazing. I love everything about this piece.. it flows so wonderfully well. Just wow, I wish I could convey the same intensity and power and emotion with words ... Really good write.
2/17/2006 c1 79Ashes.to.Acid
Wonderful, as always.

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