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for My Brother and I

6/5/2006 c1 43NowNameless
aww... thats sad. i hope you and your brother can mend your broken relationship...

good poem, though

write on!

5/1/2006 c1 11DreamWriterZ09
That was so sad!But again, really powerfully written.Write on, you're amazing.
4/26/2006 c1 593Morwain
aww so sad i like
4/19/2006 c1 13Mortifer Amor Phasmus
You are really are the best poet I've encountered. And it is really cool how you can take a real world conflict and make an amazing poem out of it. That is a skill that every poet needs to make truly amazing poetry.
4/17/2006 c1 Needa S
Touching, love is overflowing in this poem. Great ending as well. Hope things workout between you and your brother. Awesome write.
3/9/2006 c1 123Black and White Dreams
sounds like u love ur bro. it reminds me of me and my bro... we used to be really close but now were pretty damn far apart... well, anyways, keep writing! choa! love, Caitlin
3/4/2006 c1 Benjamin - To Be Deleted
You know that girl I keep raving about in your other reveiws? well, this a perfect description of our relationship.

I get to be the 'big brother'

And I'm stuck cuz being her 'brother' is the best I can get. I bet I sound pretty damn desperate right about now...

Keep it up... its almost ceeppy how much your stuff applies to me.
2/24/2006 c1 2callmebelle
great poem... it really makes the reader think about what you possibly could've done. nice work!
2/18/2006 c1 6Affie
How can you ever make things better again, when you don't even try!How can you write poem like this, yet treat me the same... why aren't you a friend to me again?I cannot and will not go out of my way to be hurt again. As you already know, its your turn to show your friendship, yet I doubt you want friendship still...
2/18/2006 c1 43je suis une pomme du terre
omg that is a really powerful piece. it makes me feel like something really horrible happened to your brother. or did your relationship just shatter? either way, I'm sorry about what happened, it sounds like you really love your brother.
2/18/2006 c1 81Princess-anna57
How old is your brother? Another great poem. I like your endings, how there's the last line by itself. It wraps up the poem perfectly. A little constructive criticism (lol), the first stanza, for me, it's a tad confusing how you go from first to second person line by line. But, not to worry. I reckon it's good enough the way it is. Keep it up!


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