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for When Peggy-Sue let the bees out

2/20/2003 c1 17forever amore
Ha ha, cute!
5/9/2002 c1 2nevus papilloma
lol, this seems quite random! i love it, though! very funny. :)

is your brother "martin" "martan" or really a "martian"? the latter would fit quite a few little brothers *i* know... ;)
5/4/2002 c1 empty account
Very funny! Sounds like something Shel Silverstein would write.
4/30/2002 c1 writingchick1321
ahahahahah this one is fuuny too!
3/6/2001 c1 Ashleigh Attaway
That was really good, please write more
2/21/2001 c1 Zoe Deerpath
That was really good! Very interesting and creative. :) Keep up the great writing, and I hope to hear more from you soon!

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