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for She Lights Matches

8/28/2006 c1 26quixotic-jer
Loved it. She's such a walking contradiction -the way I feel sometimes.

You've really captured the way she feels in lovely descriptive sentences. Plus the matchstick analogy was brilliant.
6/23/2006 c1 7babydoll-007
i really liked this. great job!

2/18/2006 c1 crackerjack85
Wow, I really loved this. I loved your writing, I loved the flawed yet natural personality of the main character. This is starting out awesome, can't wait to see more! :)
2/18/2006 c1 17DOORphrame
How sweet. I really like it. The comparision to the matches was right on target.

Keep writing.
2/18/2006 c1 15Melika Elena
I enjoy your writing. It flows. Keep it up.

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