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3/23/2006 c1 17sunday night sky
some beautiful imagery, i really like this - i especially love the summary! that works really well! :D great piece
3/23/2006 c1 1Broken Lilies
Wow, I'm impressed. Your imagery leaves a sense of omniscience.. I love it.
3/13/2006 c1 124in theory
This feels so secret, probably because I just read the part of your bio that said by allowing my to read your work I see under the surface (something I always feel honoured to to, literacy is too powerful for words. The irony.) You use language in a professional way, but without the pompous "grandeur," to borrow one of your own expressions. It feels polished, like consideration of every word has gone into it but with no sacrifice of spontenaity, and it seems rare that writers pull that off. But yeah I'm at risk of rambling, overall I really liked this.

3/11/2006 c1 96Devil's Footprint
Well done. It's interesting how you use language so well, not quite rhyming, but coming just close enough to accentuate the rhythm of the piece. Good work.
3/10/2006 c1 194Aslan Israel
m yea, it's a beautiful image. Almost vibrant. Just lovely.
3/9/2006 c1 a lonely september
it seems so good/bad but it doesnt matter. i dont make sense, but this was good. i liked it.
3/4/2006 c1 83White is a Sin
hmm..i don't get it...but i like it...alot ^_^ Yeah that was pretty..some how..^_^ write more...wait...forget that you've wrote sixty...and i haven't read them...why did i say that?
3/4/2006 c1 6Made in Britain
The Clarity, thanks for your review of my haiku "What I think about haiku's" (note that I have left the incorrect puntuation as I have had more comments regarding this small oversight than anything else - why correct something that anally retentive people seem to find a point so worthy of comment?) Anyway, sorry to have to leave a message to you in an area normally reserved for reviews, but you do not show your email in your profile. The point I wish to make to you is that I wrote this haiku not as an attempt at creating a quirky, off the cuff, aren't I clever type thing but actually as what I'm sure you will understand being a British person like myself, a "piss take". An attack on people who "can't be arsed" writing a proper poem if you will. I congratulate you on being the first and only reviewer to recognise there is no deep meaning in this poem. The Clarity is a good pen name for you ^.^ If you get the time please have a read of some of the other poems I have written, as I shall be reviewing yours.Max Swofford a.k.a Commando
2/28/2006 c1 16Theory Of The 4th Dimension
Very enticing diction. Loved the language you used. Through the crisping imagery you have placed, you have symbolized the chaos and disorder we live through,and our search for peace.
2/28/2006 c1 99keltica
Memories are the highways to further experience and prophecies of a time that will be. The beauty of the details we bear in mind and in our hearts are the touchstones of our own identity.

2/22/2006 c1 90poetic abortion
[you asked me what inspires me, my answer is: anything. words just fall into place is all, i rarely have a definative inspiration but, if anyone were to ask, i could point out what the inspiration was at the time...but that would be boring and no one cares.]

thankyou for the reviews, they are much apreciated and i do really need the critic. :D anyway, you are very talented; the whole thing was s detailed and amazing and, oh my god, the word choice is very detailed and amazing. i really liked it. yes, indeed i do.

~* noelle
2/21/2006 c1 Kel
Seeing as there is no other way to respond to your review...I'll review you back...?

Write the story! They might get something about it in their email thoughAH WELL
2/20/2006 c1 59Sacred-Phoenix-Nephthys
Nice imagery..very great...well done, it is great 2 see some new stuff rom you...ur getting better^_^
2/19/2006 c1 5aedidab
Oh my.All I can say is, if you ever stop writing, I might have to kill you with my very own two hands.

I'm assuming this about Ireland.And even some one who doesn't know about you and Ireland (but that's a tad unlikely. I mean, that they wouldn't know about your fixation with those Celts...your penname is Celtic Flames, dammit.), would be able to tell that it's about somewhere that means something to you. You've written this vaguely, I guess, without getting into too much detail but just enough.

And that, I admire. Knowing me, I'd get into too much of it or wouldn't say enough. But maybe there is no such thing as too much and maybe I'm just rambling on about inconfidence in my writing...

So, as I've said (never too many times) before, another wonderful poem.

ALAS. A conclusion! I won't write poetry anymore. I will write stories. Lots and lots of stories with plots and dialogue. That strikes my fancy :]

Hah, keep it up. Don't take another break, you hear?

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