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for Grey to Blue

4/26/2006 c1 593Morwain
i liked this it was good
4/19/2006 c1 13Mortifer Amor Phasmus
I didn't mind the cliches. Sometimes even cliches just work. I love your poems they are so good at communicating emotions :)!
3/14/2006 c1 43je suis une pomme du terre
Sometimes cliches can be used over and over and still be original because its always from a different person's point of view. Everyone sees things a little differently than the next person. Very good poem, sounds like you really love this person.
3/4/2006 c1 Benjamin - To Be Deleted
Big, ugly cliches or not, this is a beautiful piece. You did a great job.
2/23/2006 c1 132mizu no kokoro
it had an overall feeling that really warmed my heart^^ good work

keep writing!
2/22/2006 c1 121Seeker of the Way
this is a nice expression of your heart at the time you needed to write, nice! I write all kinds of different things and ways, it's funny you pick the one just totaly crazy-ass satirical one! Thanks for the review!
2/21/2006 c1 2callmebelle
I love the line "your attention is my drug." don't worry about cliches- we ALL use them! overall, great and very true poem. keep writing!
2/20/2006 c1 123Black and White Dreams
dont worry about cliches! they were blended perfectly! i can relate to this really well... i have all kinds of boy problems! lol! really good job, though! keep writing! choa! love, caitlin

by the way, thx for the review!
2/20/2006 c1 40Jareth the Monk
This would kind of sound good on one of those Hallmark cards that opens up into a booklet, I don't know if they even make those anymore. Reminds me of an old Hollies song from the 70s. Hope I'm not showing my age, 'cause I'm not all that old yet. I like the addiction part, and you ought to include emotions of dependency like the withdrawal shakes, twitches, and tantrums. A solid piece of good ole teen dream love sickness poetry.
2/20/2006 c1 140happypills03
heh its okay.. we all use cliches.. but it's still a great poem
2/19/2006 c1 131midnighteyes-xo
This is really good, wow, hits home for me, because I'm in the same situation. You're a very good writer, I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. Pray keep it up !

P.S. I didn't go back and actually look for the cliches, but I didn't really notice any while I was reading, so don't sweat it.
2/19/2006 c1 32AlboChick
wow...the line where you say "How I always want to be with you,but wont always let myself" is completely my situation and i can relate to this. thats prob. why i liked this poem so much. and don't wry about the cliches cuz they blended perfectly. -albochick
2/19/2006 c1 17sunday night sky
some cliches, yes, but also some great imagery. on the whole, i like it. good job!

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