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2/28/2006 c1 special
yes..i believe that Christians sometimes misrepresent God's love..but i myself am a Christian..i do believe that even though 'she' was happy..she wouldn't be happy for eternity..however..i do strongly disapprove of Christians beating non-believers down..they are supposed to LOVE them..not stick up their noses to them as if they are below them..they would be like the pharisees that jesus condemned..i mean..how is someone supposed to turn to Christ, when they have been stomped on by people who represent Him? Still..He is the only way..if only people would show that He is about love..not self-righteousness..if Christ was born in a manger and died the humiliating death of the cross..he was humble..so why is it that we..His people think we are better than everyone else?..Jesus took humiliation..we shouldn't humiliate..well-spoken though..i understand your point of view..my brother's co-worker was beaten down by "Christians" when he was doing his best...i think it truly is sad...this encourages me to watch what i say and be a better witness for Christ..sorry for the long review!lol.God bless!

2/21/2006 c1 108Kirona of the skies

Well spoken, m'dear. Well spoken indeed.

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