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3/4/2006 c1 words music and love stay true
Righto! Finally got around to reviewing! muhahaha! Here we go! It's review time! *dances**long inhale*Very interesting characters, Syn et all. very cool!(One question about the first section break) Why does the drow fly into the wall? Spontaneous will to die? What?psionic-i'm not farmiliar with this word...what is it?Interesting concepts in this story so far, great creatures and houses, very interesting. Esp. the life steelers very cool.I think some of these section breaks aren't necessary and could be replaced with other things, like connecting sentences.And dang! This is a long chapter!Other than a few grammar errors, wonderful! I love the concept an the descriptions (esp of people) are great! It's super creative! But then again so are you, so it fits! Wonderful super super story! You need to write more!Or I'll throw a the cute hamster of doom at you! It's not cute it's scary! Fine evil hideous (but adorable) hamster of doom at you! _ (you're better at the evil laugh so I'll leave that to you)The Mione.Doesn't a name sound so much cooler with THE infront of it. _ (again you are left to laugh here)
2/28/2006 c1 19Elven Songstress
Yay! I finally found you! It only took me two months, lol. That's definitely a good blow to my self-esteem, hehe. I definitely needed that!

Anywho, woohoo and huzzah for you wonderful story! Yay for cliffhangers like that of the one you just did! I can hear you doing your wicked evil laugh! Yay...

Hm.. so superb and update, James! 'Cause your stories rock! Like rocks... and socks... Which both rock... *sneezes and Boromir hits her over the head with a fish, letting her know that she was rambling*
2/20/2006 c1 3Ranger of the North
YAY! Finally, it allowd you to post. Anyway. I love this story, as I already told you! You have great characterization; quite creative. Then again, it IS Tyler. Creative is like your middle name...except on Tuesdays, when Fish is your middle name...muaha. So. Frodo just hit me over the head with a hamster because I was rambling, so on with the review! The imagery and word choice are great, especially at the end. It's obvious that everything is well-thought-out. Great job!


-Me, ye bugger-

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