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for What You Do At Night

4/12/2006 c1 Cap'n
*Claps* wonderful as always, though I was senseing a tad bit of hosility... *hugs* Still love it/you though
2/21/2006 c1 4Pete the Petey
Yeah, I know this happens-I've had it happen with my friends, and even with my own experiece-I'm not popular or renowned by any means, but those that do know me at distance think I have it all together, and I don't. God's done and amazing work in my life, bringing me out of this pit I used to be in, but one day, I just had to voice my experiences, those whispers that were constantly in my head, down on paper, just to show that, honestly, those people we envy or hate because they seem so good or their life so right, really, they struggle with darkness jsut like all the rest of us.
2/21/2006 c1 3Mistress of Shadows
Oh, wow. This really illustrates the things that the perfect people go through. Masterfully done, and moving.All the more so because it's something that actually hppens.

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