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3/20/2009 c1 5Beena
Wow, that was completely amazing. I fell in love with the last line. "Home-abortion" confused me a lot though, I read the line a few times and it wasn't until I read the whole thing that I understood the last stanza.

However it was spectacular.
3/20/2009 c1 14limpwrist
Simple, but intense and powerful.
3/14/2009 c1 29Vince Loring
this is very nice. very very nice. i wish i could write stories like this, but i cant write stories. my paticular muse likes poetry over prose. the only question that comes out of this, is are you english, or just decided to have england as the setting?
7/14/2008 c1 103Shiro.Kokoro
This is pretty much downright amazing. I really, really like it. Your writing is fantastic-and this story is SAD but still just awesome.
6/2/2008 c1 46aberlemno
I haven't seen much narrative poetry on this site, so it's great to find one, especially one this good. The imagery and details really make it one of those poems that you remember.
1/29/2008 c1 14xxNick
This is really good. I enjoyed it. :)
1/20/2008 c1 82Doxology
I don't have to tell you that this is amazing. It's awful tragic, and I didn't want it to end.

Peace & Love

~ Hp
3/26/2007 c1 2beyond.that.horizon
effing beautiful
9/28/2006 c1 21servatis-a-pereculum
This is seriously one of your best pieces...
7/26/2006 c1 26autumn berrington
very nice. its has a poetic fictiony feel to it! you have a great writing style!

5/24/2006 c1 juxtapositions
this is a beautiful reality. it thought you expressed real life with a perfect imperfection, without resorting to cliches and well-worn language. i loved it.
5/5/2006 c1 9xAngel of SorrowX
wow, this was really awesome. I like the story in it a lot. ^_^
4/23/2006 c1 120Thesunflowerinyourhairrr
wow.i am so speechless.this reminded me of me and one of good friends mixed together in your main character girl.gosh, this was exquisite.i think this might be my all time favorite.it's gorgeous.
4/13/2006 c1 58Tanaboo
wow i never know what to say in these! as brillant as always! i loved it x x x x
4/11/2006 c1 Iloveplotbunnies
Wow, I totally understand this poem and it's good I saw no problems with it and like I said it's really good.
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