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2/22/2006 c1 18lulujynxgemini
writing a story without an aim is always fun... and titles are always the hardest to do. i quite like this so far, it sounds like it could be rather interesting. i'd definately like to read more.
2/22/2006 c1 34miss-elty
allo allo! =) hehe.

this is cool...

"i'm ready to have his babies" hahahaha.. =)

love love.

and don't cut out half way through this one either.
2/21/2006 c1 hfjsnbg
Hey! i like it! it's good, i understand the whole 'i have loads of school work' thing but i really reckon you should continue... Please! Yeah uhm. so yeah. it's good and just let it go where it wants to go, stories don't need direction aall the time :D

2/21/2006 c1 3basket case891
hey nice start, glad to see another aussie around here. Please post soon. And could you please have a look at my story, the nobody the somebody? Its about a homeless girl in Melbourne and it lonely with no reviews lol. If you could that would be great :)

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