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for Flames Burn for Eternity

2/28/2001 c3 hunter
Great story but the characters aren't really defined. The story line that relates the chapters seems to be missing.
2/27/2001 c3 8SweetEvil
I loved the first chapter, it was very sweet and tragic. Inochi is very interesting, though I'm not sure why she approached Azure, but I imagine that will come out later. I look forward to how this story turns out!
2/25/2001 c3 23Anjel
yay! another part up... *hugs Shara* thanks for your support... Keep writing
2/22/2001 c2 7JaffaCake
A good start to a story, hooking the reader in. I liked how you started the story with someone else besides the main character, someone very different from her sister. One thing though, did Inochi feel any hunger during her whole life? It sounds like the hunger was triggered when her mother mentioned it. Hope you can clarify this in the next chapter.
2/21/2001 c2 Guest
I love this story! *happy smile* You write so well! Keep up the good work! And hurray for Inochi!
2/18/2001 c1 Anjel almost signed review
Okay.. so I'm lazy... *sighs* But I did love the story! It's great! Yay! *hugs Shara* Keep up your writing.. And I'm sorry that I don't manage to read more of it.. I'm so swamped.. But never forget that I do enjoy your writing! *smiley face*

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