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for Whispers

2/24/2006 c1 21lordelfy
wow...wow..this is freakin amazing!
2/24/2006 c1 19Raven Ella
You could say that
2/24/2006 c2 Haley
I like this one. It reminds me of the times I had to take my halo off just to survive.
2/24/2006 c1 Haley
That was deep. It was very sorrowful. Did you write it after a traumatic experience or something?
2/23/2006 c1 5Kitten Arcane
O_O Woah, that was deep. That made me feel horrible...Great job! ^_^Keep writing,

2/23/2006 c1 325Red Vision
that was very sad...i liked the poem structure. :)

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