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3/19/2008 c1 thornexofxroses
yea. i understand full well how you felt. i remember when i was in my cast... hahah hell i remember when i twisted my ankle in tuttle's park and i was so damn determined to finish... yet fuckin polston pulled me out and i did not finish... haha that was right b4 i met u!
9/2/2006 c1 41sarah1491
Ouch. _ Nice poem. I can really tell how angry you must've been at the time (not to mention the title).
3/1/2006 c1 47xWhit3StaRx
Wow, I really feel the anger in this poem. Ok...obviously 'cuz look at the title! -_-' Anyways, I really like the emotion, how you stood up and fought the pain, and the way you ended the poem. Hope your ankle will be ok! ^_^

Keep writing! =)

2/24/2006 c1 81Princess-anna57
:( aw! *gives you a jar of cookies*! That's really well written, but so sad! Aw! I hope all's alright soon, and always be positive! I can really feel the emotion in this poem and I enjoyed the way it's written. Excellent! Write on!


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