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2/26/2006 c1 31none of burt's beeswax
I love this. I think sometimes this is exactly what people need, and I wish I could say this to so many people. It's such a wake up call. I love the lines "Try coke and N/I/K/E but you still cant pronounce it with your faulty S.p.a.n.g.l.i.s.h)" and "Perhaps Nietzsche and K.I.N.G Arthur were r/i/t/e/Why cant you see beyond the m.e.r.e boundaries of this life/To all the stars shining on the morning/you'll never be one of them." The repeated "gravity isn't holding you down" was excellent. Great work!
2/24/2006 c1 5Drops of Jewpiter
interesting peom- i love how you spell out some of the words and mess w/ the spelling. good allusions too. great job ;)~dropsofjewpiter~
2/24/2006 c1 69mostly water
I feel oddly targeted...*hides*=PI like the running theme. I love it when poetry is written with a reoccuring line that the rest of the piece is written around...there's a term for that...=| But I cannot remember it =| BUT my point is...I love 'gravity isn't holding you down'.

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