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for we became m o r e

5/2/2006 c1 131theory of black
Love is crazy like that. Great job on this.
3/17/2006 c1 27RosepetalDoll
wow, this really is not fair all of your work is so great.
3/2/2006 c1 a lonely september
the rewing, the detail, the everything made me swoon. it's just so painful and the ending is just gorgeous. it says it so clearly, it happens so often, but you made it so different.i honestly love you for all you've said and for your poetry. i wish i could make people feel as happy as you make me feel, you'd be on list a million times, because if i knew how to say how much you fucking rock, i would. because, dammnit, you fucking rock.
2/26/2006 c1 89brevis
it hits you hard...somewhere. i never was very articulate with my prose, especially responses. but that's beside the point. i love the way this flows like a run-on sentence, gaining power and emotion as it goes on, and i love the whole "rewind" concept.
2/26/2006 c1 53Laura Elizabeth
This was very interesting, since I've sort of expiercened this before. Great job! Thanks for reivewing my poem. Oh and BTW, love the penname (i have an odd thing for everything asian!) Lol

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